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Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Sales: New Infographic

Earlier this week we released a survey, 2012 Impact of Big Data on Sales Performance, from our partner research firm CSO Insights.  The report offers an incredible amount of insight into modern day challenges that impact sales teams across the globe.  It is no longer about the data that a sales person has access to.  It is about what he or she can do with the data in order to drive sales growth.

I am happy to announce that we are launching an infographic showcasing exactly why Big Data is a big deal for sales.  Our infographic centers on why all sales departments should care about Big Data.

Here are the top seven statistics from Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Sales infographic for you to easily share:

  • The average sales rep spends 24% of time searching for relevant information to prep for calls http://bit.ly/QQyXFt 
  • 73% of sales leaders believe #BigData technology would help them win more deals http://bit.ly/QQyXFt 
  • Nearly 90% of sales leaders have missed opportunities due to info overload http://bit.ly/QQyXFt
  • Did you know? Reps search as many as 15 sources to find info on prospects before dialing http://bit.ly/QQyXFt
  • #BigData can have a big impact on #sales – 90% of sales leaders expect to see significant results http://bit.ly/QQyXFt
  • Only 16% of companies have a #BigData strategy in place for sales http://bit.ly/QQyXFt
  • Over 70% of companies believe they can realize major #salesgrowth with #BigData http://bit.ly/QQyXFt

View the full infographic below:

Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Sales 



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