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How Big Data and Go-To-Market Analytics Shape Business - Live Blog from #DF12

Live from the EMC Story Session at Dreamforce

This morning, Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines, joined John Smits, Director of Sales Strategy and Analytics at EMC, in a presentation on EMC’s journey using go-to-market analytics and Big Data for sales strategy to accelerate sales growth.

Shashi opened up the presentation discussing the growing abundance of data available to sales and marketing professionals and the effects it has on business.  In fact sales reps are often drowning in data, reviewing up to 15 different data sources before making their first call.  There is an incredible opportunity to infer intent from all of the data that is available – including your CRM, marketing automation, past purchase history, social media, news updates, and more – and use that data to improve productivity within a sales organization. Big Data can drive sales productivity by:

  1. Aligning selling time to top account opportunities (i.e. most valuable)
  2. Increasing selling time (i.e. faster pre-meeting prep)
  3. Directing sales to deliver the most relevant and compelling messages
  4. Speeding up the ramp-up of new sales reps

Next up, John Smits took the stage to shed some light on how EMC is fueling sales growth with Big Data and analytics. To set the stage, John shared some compelling statistics about the rapid growth of data.  A recent IDC study reported that in 2000, the world generated the same amount of that that was generated in 2 days in 2011.  John offers a simple definition to easily understand Big Data and it has to deal with 3 Vs – volume, variety, and velocity.  To help show the impact that Big Data can have on business, John offered an example that everyone can understand.  Just as we turn to Google to find out where we should go to dinner tonight, wouldn’t it be great to be able to google “Who are my best customers?

Analytics are the key to success in today’s world of data deluge.  John discussed a new role called Data Scientist is playing a large part in some companies.  Data scientists do not simply collect and report on data.  they use data to identify problems and solutions that will ultimately add the most value to sales and marketing organizations among other areas of business. They use data to identify problems and solutions that will ultimately add the most value to sales and marketing organizations among other areas of business.

Next, John explained how EMC is learning that Big Data is critical to growing its business, but it is more than just the amount of data.  It’s about deriving value from the data.  John summarized EMC’s Go-To-Market Sales Analytics Use Cases with the following five points:

  1. Build a foundational customer data model
  2. Focus on the right opportunities
  3. Optimize resource alignment
  4. Accelerate time to market
  5. Invest in the future

EMC is building upon its existing foundation of data integration and master data management to improve its GTM execution.  By developing an improved approach to sales analytics with a Big Data solution, the company has realized the benefits of knowing which opportunities to target and when, in addition to having the right team of sales reps in place to work on closing more business with targeted campaigns.

If you are at Dreamforce today and missed the session, stop by booth #344 to pick up your copy of the EMC success story to learn more about how the company is using Big Data and go-to-market analytics to transform its business.

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