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Boosting Business Banking - Webinar Recap

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Nick Miller, President of Clarity Advantage, on how leveraging big data and focusing efforts can help bankers prospect and cross-sell customers more effectively.

For those who missed the session, you can now access the recorded version online here.


5 Steps to Greater Success in Business Banking

Nick Miller, a long-time veteran of the banking industry and well-respected sales coach and trainer, spoke about the continuing challenges Relationship Managers (RMs) have in developing new relationships and building upon existing ones. To enjoy greater success in engaging new and prospective clients, he suggested five concrete steps for business bankers:

1.  Establish yourself as an expert: What do you want to be known for?

2.  Broaden your network: Think of your network as more than your Centers of Influence (COIs)

3.  Show up: Be out and about, find opportunities to meet prospects

4.  Have something to say: Bring interesting content to your clients

5.  Stay in touch: Pay attention and find reasons to connect frequently


Leveraging Big Data in Business Banking

Glenn Wong, VP Customer Solutions at Lattice Engines spoke about the emergence of Big Data and how it can provide RMs with a much richer profile of their customers and prospects.  By combining existing information your organization already has on businesses with externally ‘knowable’ facts, RMs can gain insights on optimal ‘engagement opportunities’ (for both new and existing customers) and have much more productive discussions at the most appropriate times.

There are several challenges to capitalize the benefits of Big Data, including the ‘last mile problem’ — namely, operationalizing Big Data insights so that they are actionable by individual RMs.

Watch the webinar now to learn more about how big data technology can boost your business banking outcomes and how to apply these techniques to your prospecting regimen.

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