Score Leads and Accounts with Precision

With Lattice's predictive lead and account scoring, finding your best leads is easy. Use Lattice to prioritize your existing and incoming leads, based on millions of buying signals.

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The Challenge

You’ve deployed the best practices and hired the best team. So why are your conversion rates still lagging?


Of Your MQLs Will Never Close


Of Sales Reps Didn’t Make Quota Last Year


Of Sales Reps’ Time Is Spent Researching, Not Calling Leads

—Sirius Decisions, CSO Insights, IDC
Lattice Predictive Scoring Application

The Predictive Scoring Solution

Score Leads With Precision

Traditional lead scoring only incorporates buyer profile and engagement, which means that leads are scored based on a tiny fraction of the data that’s available about prospects.

Lattice predictive lead scoring adds thousands of account-level buying signals to your existing data and harnesses powerful machine learning to identify the predictive attributes of your leads and accounts most likely to convert. Get started now.

How It Works

Data Cloud 1

Largest Source of Buying Signals

Lattice combines your data from marketing automation and CRM systems with the Lattice Data Cloud to add thousands of account-level buying signals.

Data Cloud 2

Powerful Predictive Modeling

Machine learning creates a fingerprint of your ideal customer and identifies the predictive attributes that make a lead likely to convert.

Data Cloud 3

Accurate Scores

Lattice scores each lead based on the probability to convert and pushes scores back into your marketing automation or CRM systems.

Same Workflow. Better Results.

Lattice supports your existing lead management workflows by integrating seamlessly with your marketing automation and CRM systems.

Quickly View Lead or Account Segments by Likelihood to Convert

Drill Down to See the Predictive Power of Each Attribute

Provide Sales with Insight into Key Predictive Attributes for Each Lead

Customer Success

Lattice helps us easily understand what makes a prospect most likely to buy. Now we can focus our efforts on the best leads and avoid wasting time on leads that will never close.”
Kevin Marasco CMO, Hirevue
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DocuSign Crushes Conversion Rates
With limited sales resources and massive top of funnel volume, DocuSign needed a better way to prioritize leads. They partnered with Lattice to optimize their scoring process and increase win rates by 37 percent.

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Easy to Deploy. Immediate Results.

Our approach to delivering customer value starts with our tested deployment process.

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Lattice is easy to deploy.

Easy to Deploy

Simply give us your marketing automation and CRM credentials and define what success means in your funnel.

Lattice is quick to launch.

Quick to Launch

We blend your data with the Lattice Data Cloud, run and validate the models, and identify the predictive attributes of your ideal prospects and customers.

Immediate results with Lattice.

Immediate Results

Start seeing the impact in a week or less. Lattice pushes scores to your marketing automation or CRM systems so your sales team can focus on the best revenue opportunities.

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