Predictive Lead Scoring

Converting leads into revenue shouldn't be a guessing game

In the past, B2B Demand Generation teams claimed success by keeping Sales inundated with leads. But in today’s environment, quality trumps quantity. CMOs are now directly measured on deal conversions, not just leads tossed over the wall. As a result, Modern Marketing organizations need to rely on lead scoring methods that ensure only the best opportunities make it to Sales, while the rest can be nurtured without wasting valuable sales resources and time.

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What is Predictive Lead Scoring for Marketing?

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring blends the contact profile and behavioral information from your Marketing Automation system with thousands of additional attributes that could contain hidden buying signals. Whether it’s the Web, internal data, or third party sources, Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring discovers patterns in the data that rules-based scoring or gut instinct would simply miss.

Once this unique lead “fingerprint” is identified, it can then be used to score all your leads based on their likelihood to close. With Lattice, you have the power to know which leads are most sales-ready and which need more nurturing, so Sales and Marketing can both do their jobs more effectively.

Implement lead scoring in weeks, not months

Because Lattice uses science to predict the lead attributes that are most likely to convert, the entire debate over lead definitions, attribute weightings, and thresholds goes out the window. Lattice provides packaged connectors to the leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems, such as Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo, to get highly predictive scoring models up and running in just weeks, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency to do the work.

Get started in a few simple steps

With just a few steps, you can make the leap to predictive lead scoring:

1. Provide the API keys for your Eloqua or Marketo instance as well as
2. Tell us what success looks like: either conversion to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) or Closed-won deals.
3. Sit back and wait for us to deliver your top 10 predictive attributes for review.
4. Choose a threshold for which leads to pass.
5. Success! You are now ready to score leads using the most advanced data science available to Modern Marketers.

Stop the guesswork and start relying on the science of predictive insight to find your most sales-ready leads.

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