Grow Revenue with Big Data

Grow Revenue with Big Data Thumb

Unite Sales and Marketing with Big Data to Fuel Revenue Growth (and Fight the Lead Generation Battle)!

Traditionally, one word is top of mind for sales and marketing leaders across the board. Growth. Each year companies are looking to grow their business through new customer acquisition, improvements to the sales process and optimization of lead generation. In most organizations the sales and marketing departments are working together to grow revenue, but in many organizations these two groups battle and struggle with lead generation.

Our latest ebook sheds light on this growing problem for sales and marketing teams. Based on the CSO Insights 2013 Sales Performance Optimization Study:

Nearly 2/3 of companies struggle with lead generation

About 50 percent of leads generated by marketing need improvement

Less than 2/3 of sales professionals are making quota

35 percent of organizations report ramp-up times of more than 10 months

Over 40 percent of sales professionals need help with prioritizing and researching new accounts

Big Data can be a key to solving the ever-present battle and help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams.


Sales and marketing alignment continues to be a challenge for many organizations, and even when sales and marketing automation are supported by the same application, there's often a gap between sales' perceived needs and what marketing supplies.  While we've found that 66 percent of companies gain increased sales productivity from marketing automation, one-third see no benefit for sales. - Rebecca Wetteman, Vice President, Nucleus Research

Learn more by reading our latest ebook featuring insight from McKinsey and Company, CSO Insights, Nucleus Research and more.