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The Challenge

The average sales rep is inundated with information about prospects, yet much of their time is spent trying to find anything useful from this information.

How sales feels about customer data:


Believe better data would help them win more deals


Have missed sales opportunities because of information overload


Are challenged by the amount of information and time it takes to conduct research

—CSO Insights
Predictive Scoring Application

Predictive Sales Enablement

Know Who To Call And What To Say

Not only do most sales teams suffer from information overload, they struggle to retain the numerous product messages, value propositions and differentiators required to effectively engage customers with the right pitch at the right time. The result is product malaise where reps often default to the products and customers they know the best.

Predictive sales enablement from Lattice gets reps focused on customer segments with the highest revenue potential and provides a streamlined way to serve up the right messages, assets and talking points to engage and close more effectively. Get started now.

How It Works

Data Cloud 1

Your Data + Lattice Data Cloud

Lattice blends your customer data with thousands of additional account-level buying signals to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

Data Cloud 2

Uncover Customer Buying Patterns

Powerful machine learning unlocks trends among customer purchase patterns to provide targeted recommendations of who to call, what to sell and why.

Data Cloud 3

Tailored Talking Points

Your unique product messages are delivered alongside specific customer selling recommendations via an easy-to-use sales UI.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Lattice makes it easy to enable sales teams with targeted, actionable sales strategies focused on expanding customer relationships and revenue.

Push Targeted Account Recommendations via the CRM System

Share the Predictive Account Attributes for Each Play

Provide Targeted Talking Points for Each Play Right on the Account Record

Customer Success

Before Lattice, we routinely called our customers to ask them what they needed. Now we have the insight to get ahead of their needs, and make smarter recommendations.”
Kerry Anne Carter VP Sales, Staples
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Boost Sales Productivity

Lattice’s unmatched predictive applications will help you increase win rates and dramatically improve sales efficiency so your reps and your business can drive greater revenue.

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