Acquire New Customers

Prospecting is hard work, even for high performing sales reps. No wonder prospecting teams find themselves continually testing different approaches (e.g., appointment-setting) while honing tedious ones (e.g., cold-calling). Even with technology, such as marketing automation, conversion rates for acquiring new customers rarely exceed 5% for most companies. So how do you accelerate new customer acquisition?

Top reps outperform the rest by finding the right balance between quality and quantity. With salesPRISM, your top reps can focus on the right activities:

  1. Identify target prospects. Productive reps know whom to contact and when to contact. Your reps need intelligence on which prospects are likely to be in a buying window right now and which prospects to avoid over-contacting. 
  2. Identify the right contacts. Good reps create relationships with people, not companies. Your reps need updated contact information for decision-makers and influencers, background intelligence (e.g., prior company, schooling), and introductions through social media links (e.g., LinkedIn).  With Groupodex, our social selling feature, sales reps can tap into their networks in addition to the networks of their colleagues to find the right contacts. 
  3. Craft a killer 30-second pitch. Once the right accounts and contacts are identified, reps have 30 seconds to convince the decision-maker to take a longer meeting. What will your reps say?
  4. Be relevant. Top reps are prepared. Your reps must prepare for the meeting by profiling the account and contacts, understanding company events and personnel changes and assessing the best approach for positioning your solutions to the prospect’s needs with talking points.

The problem: collecting and analyzing this information for all accounts on an ongoing basis is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Unlike sales process management tools, traditional CRM solutions and marketing automation tools, your sales team needs to be armed with intelligence to close more sales quickly and efficiently.  Arm your sale professionals with the actionable insight they need to quickly identify the best prospects and engage them in compelling conversations with salesPRISM from Lattice, the only tool designed to ensure consistently high performance throughout your sales team.

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