B2B Marketing Leader: Data and Analytics Drive Engagement

You have made significant investments in Marketing Automation. So why aren’t you recognized as the hero who enabled Sales to achieve its targets last Quarter? Many leading B2B marketing organizations suffer from Lead Fatigue. They generate countless leads that sales reps relegate to oblivion, untouched in a CRM system. This means that your team’s smarts, creativity and effort are not translating into real-business impact and high returns on marketing investment.

What are the typical symptoms of Lead Fatigue?

  • Generic, untargeted campaigns result in low response rates
  • Higher marketing campaign frequency to compensate for low response rates leads to spamming and even lower response rates
  • Limited understanding of what drives higher response rates
  • Incomplete scoring result in poorly-qualified leads
  • Sales engages on <20% of marketing-driven leads due to poor lead quality and absence of context on why to engage on each specific lead
  • Even when they engage, Sales converts a low share of marketing-driven leads because they do not have the context for how to approach the customer and position your value proposition specific to the customer’s needs.

Ensure you are not missing the window of opportunity on your best leads and stop relying on Business Intelligence to get your information.  Do it on your own. Harness Big Data to develop the most informed sales professionals who can engage with most receptive customers in the most compelling ways with Lattice.

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