Sales Professionals

Become a Smarter Sales Professional

Big Data can lead to big sales, if you could harness it to find, pitch and close the right prospects – before your competitors do. Your current tool set is incomplete.  Even the best CRM tools were designed to assist managers rather than help reps become more productive.  With so much external information, social networking and internal customer data to sort through, you can quickly get overloaded and miss crucial insights.

A Big Data strategy could help transform that information into real-time, actionable, account-specific insight that guides you to engage the right customers in the right way, right now.

Thousands of sales professionals worldwide have already become A players.  It’s now time for you to save time and sell more.  Close more deals and meet your quotas every time by using salesPRISM from Lattice.  Our Big Data analytics platform quickly identifies prospects that are ready to buy and how to engage them in the most compelling conversations.

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