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We work with the leading marketing and sales platforms, as well as prominent ISVs and global consultancies, to deliver holistic solutions that enable customers to optimize conversion and velocity, to ultimately increase revenue.

Technology Partners

Technology partners extend Lattice’s predictive applications capabilities through deep integrations with Lattice’s APIs. We partner with best-of-breed technology vendors and solution providers to extend the capabilities of the Lattice predictive applications for sales and marketing, to meet the needs of Lattice customers.

To deliver real business results, predictive applications and platforms cannot operate as an island. Lattice actively seeks out and partners with other market-leading technology vendors that expand the value of our solutions and help create new workflows or processes that our customers demand. If you company is interested in partnering and connecting our technology, please send email to partners@Lattice-Engines.com.

Reseller Partners

Lattice reseller partners are our go-to-market partners, and include the top global agencies and system integrators within the marketing and sales automation industries. They have been trained and accredited in deploying our predictive applications and provide strategic advisory, program optimization, model configuration, campaign and account based strategies, changes management and training services. They ensure the unique requirements of any customer can be met and supported on a local and global scale.

Our reseller partners are characterized by their understanding and use of predictive strategies and account based marketing. They are uniquely positioned to help customers get the most out of their investment in Lattice. Together, we can effectively deliver all elements of predictive analytics and strategy to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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Advisory Partners

Advisory partners are regionally based companies that provide expert agency and consulting services around marketing, demand generation, sales best practices, and system integrations. They understand and realize the value of predictive analytics, and partner with the most trusted company in the space – Lattice. Advisory partners refer clients and prospects that they believe can benefit from predictive analytics, to Lattice.

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