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10 Quotes To Rev Up Your Data-Driven Marketing

More and more marketers are talking about the shift to data-driven marketing and extracting value and insight from the mountains of customer and social data at their fingertips.

Last month, we collaborated with more than 20 marketing and sales thought leaders to get their view on data-driven marketing in 2014. Marketers are using data to shorten sales cycles, offering more understanding about customers and beyond.

But what does it mean to be a data-driven marketer? Is it really that important?

Here are 10 great quotes from around the web about the value of data-driven marketing and some advice on how to incorporate data into your workflow today.

“The CMO is poised to become one of the most powerful positions within an organization. But for that to happen, CMOs must adopt data-driven skill sets, processes, and cultures, as well as smart technologies that harness data to keep pace with marketing complexity and exceed business objectives.” – Anoop Sahgal (@anoop_sahgal), The Data-Driven CMO

“Marketers who want to stand the test of time must start harnessing data to drive real-time marketing strategies and influential consumer connections.” – Patrick Salyer (@PatrickSalyer),How Marketers Are Taking Charge In Today’s Data-Driven Economy

“Organizations whose marketing and advertising staff don’t understand digital and analytical marketing are going to suffer at the hands of their competition. Their old-line marketers did nothing wrong; they simply went to school and entered the field at the wrong time.” – Thomas Davenport (@tdav), Don Draper Has Left The Building

“The time has now come to think about performance marketing in a different light. Why? Because many types of digital campaigns that aren’t currently thought of as performance marketing actually can be measured and optimized in much the same way as search or email marketing.” – Ben Plomion (@benplomion), Why It’s Time to Rethink Performance Marketing

“Marketing is constantly evolving, though. Read, listen, talk and network. Apply the best of what you learn—and avoid the land mines others point out—to transform your own business and organization.” – Lisa Arthur (@lisaarthur) How To Embrace The Five Steps Of Data-Driven Marketing

“Data-driven marketing is good. But the purpose of marketing is to win customers (and keep them by making sure they have a great experience) — therefore, customer-driven marketing is better. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive, of course. But one is the means and the other is the end. It helps to remember that before chasing a glittering piece of data down a rabbit hole. Stop and ask, “How is this good for customers?”” – Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec), 14 Rules For Data-Driven, Not Data-Deluded, Marketing

“The savior of marketing today, much like the savior of any business strategy, is and will remain simple – know your customer, understand what makes them tick, use the data you have on top of the data you’re continuously gathering, and integrate all of that into something called “marketing strategy”.” – Danny Brown (@dannybrown), Real-Time Marketing or Data Driven Marketing?

“If you aren’t getting the marketing metrics you need, it’s probably because you haven’t made them a priority. In a perfect world, it’s ideal to hire a full-time analyst for this job– the pace of your enterprise’s adoption of marketing analytics will be faster if you do. “ – Jon Miller (@jonmiller), How To Build A Data-Driven Marketing Team

“There’s no doubt that targeting customers by the data you’ve acquired about them, in particular their behavior, is a great way to optimize your marketing strategy. But that’s a tactic, not a process. To make genuinely data-driven decisions, you need to refine the way you think about data in the first place.” – Pratik Dholakiya, (@DholakiyaPratik), Falling Behind: 5 Steps To Conquer Data-Driven Marketing

“Combined with intuition, data-driven marketing has the power to embolden companies to develop game-changing products and launch campaigns that drive consumers to purchase.” – Jason Kapler (@jasonkapler), Data-Driven Marketing Drives Smarter Marketing Decisions

Image Credit(s):                Alan Cleaver

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
January 14, 2014