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3 Interesting Ways to Use your Predictive Lead Score

Improving Your Go-To-Market Strategy with Predictive Lead Scoring

We firmly believe that the value of predictive lead scoring is more than just a number. Instead,

it’s about what you do with the score, and that’s not always about sales prioritization. For example, it might be about changing your nurture program, or uncovering a new segment of accounts to proactively target.

Almost every week we hear of some really inventive things that our customers are doing with the Lattice score. Here are three ideas:

Direct Mail Done Right

Who said direct mail was dead?! One of our customers sent a very nice dimensional mailer to their very highest-scored leads and it’s performing over twice as well as any previous similar attempts. In addition, they’ve cut their cost per opportunity in HALF because they’ve spent their money only on the most targeted prospects that are now responding with high interest. Cool, right?

Smarter Content Syndication

Many marketers utilize third party sites to extend their reach and get in front of another audience with content syndication. It’s a great tactic for generating more leads, but they aren’t always high quality, right?

One customer began sorting their content syndication leads by the Lattice score. They were able to eliminate a few very low performing sites and re-negotiate rates with some better performing sites by showing them the comparison data.

Targeted Events

What if you could determine which geographic areas were home to your hottest prospects? By using a heat map to plot out the location of your highest-scoring leads and accounts, you could uncover top areas to host a party, dinner or customer event, ensuring that you are driving ROI on your event marketing efforts.

To learn about more best practices on using predictive lead scoring, check out our ebook: You have a Predictive Lead Score, Now What?

Written by

Heather Foeh
January 5, 2015