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5 Lead Management Myths: What’s Getting in the Way of Your Growth

While lead management isn’t the most glamorous marketing process, it is one of the most critical. Just like air traffic control is crucial, the process in which marketing acquires, rates, nurtures and passes leads to sales is cornerstone to the marketing and sales alignment relationship. Here are five lead management myths to help ensure you are on the right track.

You Should Flow Leads Directly to CRM Not so fast. Many believe that passing leads directly into CRM is a no-no for marketers. What about all the time and energy invested into making marketing automation work well? It probably goes without saying but every lead should map directly through marketing automation. This way, your scoring models have the chance to factor engagement data into the mix and you can ensure you are feeding all the data you can into the model. Whether you are using a predictive scoring solution or not, the more data you feed into that model, the better.

More Leads are Better than Fewer Leads Not always the case. When companies are suffering from lead fatigue, the sales team is unable to engage every lead that marketing passes over. The result? Some leads are left untouched, only to disappear into the ether. When this happens, a better approach is to send fewer leads over to sales. This may sound counterintuitive, but by focusing on sending over leads that convert at a higher rate, sales doesn’t have to waste its time churning through leads that are unlikely to close. In fact, one of our customers is passing over half of the leads it previously did and is realizing lifts in conversions.

Marketing Impacts Only 50 Percent of the Pipeline In reality, marketing should touch 100 percent of the pipeline. Through the website, social media, content, emails and nurture, marketing is present throughout every touch.

Marketing is Responsible for the Top Part of the Funnel, Sales for the Bottom Just as marketing is present throughout the entire pipeline, marketing shouldn’t get dismissed after the handoff to sales. In fact, marketing should play a major role in sales enablement to ensure reps are best prepared for customer interactions.

A Single Metric can be the Window into your Funnel Wrong again. We need to all accept that there are zero silver bullets in the world of marketing. Earlier this month, Elle Woulfe described why fixating on one metric isn’t the right approach. For example, an abundance of MQLs may be viewed as a positive indicator at the surface, but could actually signal issues with lead scoring.

Did I miss any other lead management myths?

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Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
June 20, 2014


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