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A Lattizen Year in Review – Top Content

With 2016 knocking at the door, I wanted to take some time to reflect on some of Lattice’s biggest hits in 2015.

Thanks to our customers, partners and team, we’ve been able to triple our customer win growth, expand our offering beyond North America with partnerships with Stein IAS and Leadteq, and announce several new products to help sales and marketing professionals master the data deluge and deliver measurable gains to their bottom lines. We were also named a “Cool Vendor” and raised nearly $30 million to bring our total funding to $75 million. What’s more, we focused on making an impact with our employees this year. We were named one of the best companies to launch your career. In the spirit of giving back, we donated our time to volunteer more than 1,800 hours at local charities.

The San Mateo crew after volunteering at a local beach

We also created and published over 90 blogs and 10 ebooks. From all of that, here are our top posts (based on traffic) on all things predictive marketing and sales. 

Intent Data: Find Buyers Before They Come Knocking 

Trends within the predictive marketing and sales space move quickly and 2015 was all about intent data. It refers to the data that is collected when your customers and prospects are consuming related content on trade publications, sharing on social media, posting on forums or blogs and beyond. In short, intent data represents a signal of interest and intent to purchase. Read more in this blog to learn why intent data matters for marketers.

Predictive Lead Scoring FAQs

Here’s a quick look at the questions we hear most often about all things predictive lead scoring: best practices, comparing vendors, measuring impact and more. This is a great primer for predictive marketing newbs!

The Shift to Account-based Marketing

ABM is arguably the hottest topic in B2B marketing right now. I challenge to you find something else that everyone is talking about. But the smartest marketers are recognizing that it is more than a hot topic. ABM is a mindshift in the way we market. Read this blog to learn more about ABM and how predictive marketing can help amplify your strategy.

How to Increase Sales with Referrals, Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

An oldie but a goodie! This post is a written Q&A with Colleen Francis of Engage Selling Solutions from 2013 but the content is super relevant today. (Side note: I love when this happens. It shows that good content has no age!) So many companies are looking to grow revenue and are looking to tap into their customer base to do so. Read more to learn tips on cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers.

The 8 Evils of Buying Lists

At one point or another all marketers have a goal of growing their marketable database. Modern marketers know how to build their databases organically. Create valuable content people will be willing to give their email address up for. Promote gated content on the channels where your audience engages. Have fun with clever campaigns. Despite all our best intentions of following this formula, we are occasionally tempted to take the easy way out and buy a list to get us to the end point faster. Read this listicle for the eight reasons why buying lists is evil!


Here are our top downloaded ebooks from 2015.

Gartner’s Market Guide on Predictive Analytics

What customers should be looking for in a vendor is outlined in Gartner’s latest report, linked above.

Predictive Playbook on Account-based Marketing

A quick, easy-to-read playbook explaining how predictive works to build on your ABM strategy.

The Full-Funnel Effect

From the top to the bottom, predictive marketing can improve conversions throughout the funnel. Learn more in this ebook from Demand Gen Report.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
December 28, 2015