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A #MKTGnerd’s Guide to #SDSummit14

Heading to the SiriusDecisions Summit next week? The agenda is overloaded with amazing content from the Sirius team. Here are our top picks for the sessions you cannot miss.

The State of Marketing Automation (Track 4) Thursday, 2:15pm

A lot has changed over the past year in the world of marketing automation. Hear how b-to-b organizations are using marketing automation beyond lead scoring and lead nurturing to increase sales productivity. This session with Jay Famico and Jennifer Horton will be beneficial to both sales and marketing folks.

The State of B-to-B Customer Experience (Track 7) Thursday, 1:20pm

Many organizations struggle to develop and implement customer treatment methodologies. This session with Jay Gaines and Megan Heuer will tackle issues that face sales, marketing and product; from understanding how reps can be better utilized to understanding how companies that invest in customer experience position marketing’s role.

Operational Considerations for Enablement (Track 8) Thursday, 3:50pm

If you’re interested in hearing about sales productivity, this is the session for you! Mark Levinson and Steve Silver will cover topics that include gaining a better understanding of sales enablement and operations in b-to-b organizations as well as learning how the relationship between sales operations and marketing operations is growing to help drive better enablement.

Sales & Marketing Technology: Investment Levels & Operating Models (Track 4) Thursday, 3:50pm

It seems obvious that the spend on technology in b-to-b organizations has been growing rapidly in an effort to increase sales and improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. This session with Jack Androvich and Alden Cushman will take a deep dive into SiriusDecisions’ latest data on technology investment as well as learning how other organizations are balancing control over sales force automation and its connected tools with IT.

Next-Generation Waterfall Diagnostics (Track 2) Thursday, 3:50pm

If you’re not already attending one the other session’s we mentioned during this time slot, then we highly recommend catching this session with Terry Flaherty, which will cover ways in which to use the SiriusDecisions Waterfall to assess the soundness of an organizations demand process and learn how waterfall diagnostics can be turned into actionable tactics.

Lattice Case Study: DocuSign Boosts Conversion Rates with Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring, Wednesday 9:50am & 10:45am

Lastly, a shameless plug for Lattice. Come by one of our sessions with Ryan Schwartz of DocuSign, to hear how Predictive Lead Scoring has increased DocuSign’s conversion from opportunity to win by over 35 percent. The presentation will also cover how to determine if predictive marketing technologies make sense for your business and things to consider when exploring predictive lead scoring solutions.

Be sure to get your #MKTGnerd on and stop by Booth #26 to enter our content to win Google Glass. Learn more about the #MKTGnerd contest here.

We can’t wait for the Summit and hope to see you there!

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Written by

Alicia Thomas
May 15, 2014