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Achieving Escape Velocity: Why We Raised our Latest Round

Predicting buyer behavior has always been marketing’s holy grail. If you can predict who will buy your product, how much they will buy, and when, you can improve all your metrics such as conversion rates, revenue per deal and time to close, simultaneously. This isn’t possible with any other emerging martech category, which is why predictive analytics solutions have attracted so much customer interest and venture capital investment over the past three years.

In 2009, when we first figured out how to predict B2B purchases, most companies didn’t take our proposition very seriously. Since then, we focused on bringing predictive marketing and sales applications into the mainstream by adding new use cases, tapping into new buying signals, and integrating with the end-user workflows, regardless of which CRM or marketing automation application customers are using.

Over the years we have proven that predictive analytics does indeed improve marketing and sales performance, by enhancing the ROI of our customers. The movement we started has now attracted hundreds of advocates, across dozens of industries, like Amazon, VMware, DocuSign, FireEye, SunTrust Bank, Thomson Reuters, MSC Industrial and MuleSoft.

Our early success has been driven by three major differences in approach, relative to others in the industry: laser focus on customer success, a complete vision for predictive solutions and an open approach to data. We believe in over-investing in our customers to make sure predictive becomes a part of their everyday work life. We have incorporated every single use case into our products that we can. Whether you want to find new contacts, create new leads, match campaigns to contacts, prioritize leads, retain customers or cross-sell/up-sell to existing customers, the Lattice platform enables you to do just that. And while we gather information from more than 150 million businesses ourselves, we have also partnered with industry leading data-providers like D&B, LexisNexis and Bombora (formerly Madison Logic) to provide specific data sets that combine to create the most comprehensive data cloud in the industry.

Today we are announcing a $28 million round of funding that will go towards further building out our vision for predictive marketing and sales. This capital will be used to expand our coverage of new use cases, additional verticals and new geographies. Our approach is not going to change, and we will continue to over-invest in customer success and provide measurable value.

When we started Lattice we knew we were building something for the future, and now it seems the future is finally here. I am humbled by the confidence that our customers have placed in us and look forward to playing a small part of their continued success.


Written by

Shashi Upadhyay
June 10, 2015