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AI for Unlimited Segmentation, Unlimited Execution

CMOs are increasingly tasked with being “growth officers” for their company. In fact, 70% of CEOs now just expect CMOs to lead revenue growth when they hire them. This is why we see best in class marketers focusing not just on brand or even acquiring new leads, but creating superior digital and offline experiences for customers across the entire lifecycle. These marketers are expanding their scope to running campaigns that don’t just bring in net new business, but improve retention with existing business as well as expand that existing business.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the latest generation of Lattice capabilities that enables marketers to improve customer experience across the entire buyer’s journey with a combination of data, AI, and segmentation.

We’ve developed a new AI-based segmentation engine that allows you to create unlimited segments using a combination of the Lattice Data Cloud (which provides 16K+ attributes on 200M+ companies globally) and your own internal data (including MAP/CRM data, transaction data, product usage data, support and service data, etc.). The segments are then made available in your execution systems (e.g. Marketing Automation systems, CRM systems, Ad Targeting systems) to enable you to run hyper-targeted campaigns across the entire buyer’s journey - from awareness to engagement to conversion to retention to expansion.

The advantage here is that the sales and marketing gets a single place from which to create hyper-targeted segments and then execute any multi-channel campaign against these segments whether its driving awareness, accelerating conversion, address churn risk or selling more to customers.

Lattice Segmentation UI

Available later this year, here are some key highlights of what we're announcing:

Segmentation UI

  • Provides AI-based recommendations on targets most likely to convert
  • Provides common attributes across your ideal buyer profile
  • Ability to create segments using a combination of Lattice supplied data (from the Lattice Data Cloud) as well as data from customer’s internal systems (including transaction, product usage, CRM, MAP, support/service, etc.)

Data Integration

  • Includes the ability to aggregate, de-dupe and standardize multiple sources of internal customer data and make it available in real-time to marketing alongside the 16K+ signals Lattice tracks about each customer

Calculated Attributes

  • Lattice can take your data and derive new attributes for your customers and prospects - for example we can take your transaction/spend data and calculate Month over Month or Quarter over Quarter spend attribute that you can then use to track spending trends.

Dynamic Talking Points Authoring

  • Provide the ability for marketers to provide tips or talking points for each segment to help sales reps in their conversations with prospects and customers. Marketers can pull in additional data points about the lead or account such as company history, marketing campaign activity, executive changes, and even prior purchase history and other transactional data – all in one place to streamline the call prep process.

Campaign and Sales Play Execution

  • Decide which leads to send to sales and which to marketing based on a lead/ account/ customer scores.

Now, more than ever, marketers are looking for ways to go beyond being brand stewards, beyond lead generators. This is why there’s such an interest in ABM. We believe that only by leveraging AI and data can marketers truly become stewards of growth for their companies. What are your thoughts?

Written by

Nipul Chokshi
May 16, 2017