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Blurred Leads: The #MKTGnerd Version

But you’re a marketer, nerdy, it’s in your nature.” –Blurred Leads

Over the past couple of months you may have stumbled upon a tweet with the hashtag #MKTGnerd. We think it is hip to be square and we have been encouraging marketers to embrace their inner nerd and continue to proclaim their nerdism to the world.

Here are a few of my favorites:

As part of a larger campaign, we launched a social media contest to help generate some buzz about our newest offering, Predictive Lead Scoring, leading up to one of the biggest marketing nerd events of the year, Eloqua Experience. Throughout the event, we lived and breathed the marketing nerd theme through all touch points from our giveaways to our booth to our session. Now that we are well past Eloqua Experience, we are all thrilled to see that you are still geeking out over being a nerd. All of the tweets and blogs have been fun to read. We are continuing to celebrate marketing nerds far and wide and I am pleased to announce the next piece of our marketing nerd story…


“Blurred Lines” may be one of the most talked about songs of the year with its lawsuit and controversial lyrics. We hope that you enjoy our take on the hit and have fun watching all of the marketing nerds who inspire us day in and day out. Kudos to Alicia Thomas on the editing and production work. Many thanks to all of the marketing nerds – you know who you are!

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
December 19, 2013