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Content Creation and the Funnel

Buyer-focused Content Creation

When planning out a content strategy for the year, it is really important to focus content creation efforts around different stages of the funnel. What’s more, marketers should fully understand and target all go-to-market efforts to the various personas at an account involved in a B2B sale. That is how you ensure your content is buyer-focused.

Looking to attract new names at the top of the funnel?

Consider creating content that has a broader appeal to the interests and challenges of your audience. Top of funnel content is all about generating awareness so you’ll want to focus on topics that engage or excite your audience, rather than focusing on spewing off your product features. Videos, infographics, blog posts and best practices are great formats to experiment with during the awareness phase.

Want to push people through the middle of the funnel?

The middle of the funnel is all about consideration. Think about creating content that helps arm your prospects with the right questions to ask so they are completely informed. Third-party content such as analyst reports or surveys are an effective content type for this stage of the process.

Speed up the decision making process at the bottom of the funnel?

Content that helps demonstrate value and explain success stories is critical for the later stages in the funnel. You want to help your prospects make the decision to choose your offering so anything along the lines of customer case studies (written or video), product comparisons and buying guides will be very effective.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
March 11, 2015