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Content2Conversion Recap: Top Takeaways #C2C14

Content2Conversion Recap: Top Takeaways #C2C14

Over the past several years, we have all been hearing about how the power has shifted to the buyer and marketing has changed because of it. As the demand for content swells, marketers far and wide are looking for ideas and best practices to optimize their strategies, create compelling content, enable sales and drive demand for their products and services.

This week we attended Demand Gen Report’s Content2Conversion, the annual event where content meets demand, which focused on just that. The agenda was jam-packed with expert speakers on content marketing, sales enablement and demand generation. The main theme of the event for me was all about the buyer. How to truly understand your buyer. How to create content that resonates with your buyer. How to nurture your buyer. Here are our top tactical and strategic takeaways.

Challenger Marketing: Succeeding in Today’s B2B Battleground Brent Adamson, Co-Author of “The Challenger Sale”

According to CEB, 57 percent of the customer’s journey occurs before a sales rep is ever engaged. As a result, we must change our process to teach or unteach.The goal of content marketing should not be thought leadership. The point of content is to move beyond getting your prospects to think that your company is really smart. Instead, use content to help your prospects and customers learn that it is time to change what they are doing.Start with your customers’ challenges and values in order to develop your overall “why you, why you now” story to be better positioned to drive change.Learn more about the Challenger Marketer via Amanda Batista’s recap on the Eloqua/Oracle blog.

Moving the Needle with Content Marketing Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions

If you’ve seen Ardath speak before, you know she is an advocate for understanding the buyer first. We must remember that the buyer is always our hero and that our products and services must take a back seat.Ensure your content and editorial plans follow a story that spans the entire buying process and measure engagement/time spent with the content to ensure you know what resonates the most.To get indirect access to learn about your buyer personas, attend webinars that are hosted by your competitors to learn what questions attendees ask and therein, what is top of mind.

Building a Better Lead Nurturing Program Cari Baldwin, Partner and Founder, BlueBird Strategies

To move from lead nurturing 1.0 to lead nurturing 2.0, ensure that you are helping your buyers solve their top questions throughout the funnel.For example, education and benchmark content is key for those in the top of the funnel. Think trends, analyst coverage, 101 education and how to guides.Solutions option and product suitability-oriented content should come into play in the nuture-mid stage of the funnel. Think pitfall analysis, buyer’s guides, solution comparisons and more.At the bottom of the funnel, any content should really help sales be more effective. Think pricing guides, case studies, ROI calculators and more.

Developing a Content Architecture Matt Papertsian, Research Director/Demand Generation, Sirius Decisions

Two thirds of the buying process is now digital and 70 percent of your marketing content is never used to close a deal.How your content strategy fits into your customers’ buying cycle framework will vary depending on whether your offering is a new concept, introduces a new paradigm or plays in an established market.Reuse and repurpose content. Try the 12-piece content challenge with each large content asset or theme and document a plan to atomize the content. Think blogs, videos, checklists, webinars, infographics, ebooks and whitepapers.Marketers should think about using modular or snackable content to align with your buyers, while leveraging and scaling your efforts.

Marketing Automation 2.0: Building A World Class Engagement Model Eric Marcy, VP of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, SAVO

The Sirius Decisions Demand Metrics Waterfall goes from SQL to Closed Won Business, but a LOT happens in between those two stages.According to Forrester, 90 percent of marketing content is ignored by the field – and only 7 percent of reps are able to book a second meeting.Sales Enablement starts with the marketing organization – we need to make the appropriate content easily available and customizable to our sales teams where they are already looking so that they can use their time closing deals, not creating presentations.

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Amanda Maksymiw
May 8, 2014