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Customer Marketing Ideas: Jessica Cooper of Alfresco

Customer success, customer marketing, customer experience, customer advocacy. These are just some phrases to describe the shift in focusing on the customer. For the past week, we’ve been all about customers and syncing up with experts in our network. See all of our interviews with customer marketing smarties here.

Up next is Jessica Cooper of Alfresco.

Here’s a little bit more about Jessica: Jessica Cooper is an Atlanta native and proficient in

global strategic marketing and program management and has worked for multiple high technology companies in her career. She most recently has been building the Alfresco Ambassadors program to empower and mobilize Alfresco’s breadth of customers to be advocates in the marketplace.

Is someone responsible for customer marketing within your company? Who’s responsible for customer expansion such as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?

Yes, Alfresco has a dedicated role to customer marketing and advocacy. Everyone in the company owns our customer’s success as it is one of our core company values, but ultimately customer expansion is jointly owned between the Customer Success Managers and Account Executives working closely with our customer base and building deeper relationships with our customer contacts.

If you were to hire someone to join or lead your customer marketing team, what skills would be the top of your list and why?

High energy, creativity and attention to detail! I always love this question because I feel that I give a non-traditional answer as I focus on skills that can’t be taught. I pride myself on being a mentor to team members that I work with and enjoy the opportunity to educate them on programs that have been developed and appreciate their fresh insight on ways to improve and innovate and without the aforementioned skills it will be difficult for all of us to learn and grow together!

Some believe that customer success is the new marketing. How do you see customer success and customer advocacy/marketing working together

Although my role sits in the Marketing organization, I work very closely with our Customer Success organization. The Alfresco Customer Success Team are my advocates inside the organization. I partner with them to ensure we are identifying and empowering new advocates. Also, should advocates become detractors they are my first line of defense to understand how the relationship has changed and necessary actions needed to resolve and rebuild.

Stay tuned for an interview with Tami Monahan Forman of Return Path tomorrow.

Written by

Heather Foeh
July 23, 2015