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Digital Transformation and the Data Challenge for Sales

Organizations all over the globe and across nearly every industry have made commitments to “go digital.”  This ongoing transformation has produced vast amounts of information and real-time analytics, but packaging all this Data and convincing sales representatives to take the time to access - and use it - remains a daunting challenge.  

Founded in 1941, MSC is a global industrial supply company with 6,500+ employees that as recently as the late 1990s operated as a catalogue shop utilizing call centers to process customer orders.  In the intervening decades, MSC has digitized its operations and evolved their sales and marketing model to include an e-commerce platform. More recently, they implemented a CRM solution for their sales teams.

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When CRM is Not Enough
Although MSC’s investment in CRM aided overall productivity, it didn’t deliver what was most valuable for the sales reps out in the field: real-time, data-based insights about their customers.  If a client needed additional products or was considering other solutions, the reps would find out at the very end of a sales call. Rather than proactively reaching out to customers with the right solution at the right time, MSC reps were reacting to their clients needs in an almost after-the-fact manner.  

Enter AI-Powered Insights from Lattice Engines
Lattice filled a major gap by connecting MSC reps directly to their customer’s most urgent needs. With real-time AI-driven insights from Lattice, reps were able to see detailed insights about their target account - not just the existing products they already bought, but also the products that similar customers purchased. Armed with data-based insights previously inaccessible to them, MSC sales reps are able to have more targeted, knowledgeable conversations with their prospects and customers.

“I never go into a sales call without taking a look at Lattice Insights. They are so crucial to being able to fully understand what’s going on with that customers. When you’re able to go in and have a conversation with a customer based around those insights, you sound a lot more credible”

- Joshua Fink, MSC Account Representative

Transforming CRM into a Platform for Action
All of these data-based insights from Lattice are delivered directly to MSC’s CRM system which allows management to architect and push out specific campaigns or “plays” to their sales teams. One of the most popular plays is a cross-sell campaign where Lattice’s AI solution processes and analyzes all 1st party transactional customer data to immediately identify where the most immediate opportunities live.  The end result? MSC sales reps can proactively reach out to those accounts - even before the people there are aware - and have deeper, more meaningful conversations with them.

MSC sales representatives rely on Lattice every day to gain a comprehensive, data-based view of their customers. (Note: image has been anonymized to protect confidentiality).

Empowering Sales with Data and AI
The AI-powered insights delivered by Lattice instantly enabled sales reps at MSC to be more productive, more efficient, and more targeted in their approach to selling.  Making the transition to a digital, data-oriented enterprise does not happen overnight and it is not accomplished with any one tool or single process improvement.  Companies like MSC can shine a light on how to empower a Sales organization to embrace and benefit from this strategic transformation.

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Written by

Steve Champi
February 21, 2019