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DocuSign Talks about Smart Lead Scoring at VentureBeat GrowthBeat

The Marketing and Sales Secrets Behind DocuSign’s Success

Predictive marketing was one of the big themes out of VentureBeat’s GrowthBeat conference last week in San Francisco. With marketers having the power to add intelligence to everything we do thanks to the digitalization of information, it’s inspiring to hear what those on the cutting edge are trying and their successes.

Scott Barmmer, VP of global sales engineering at DocuSign, Inc., was interviewed by VentureBeat founder and CEO Matt Marshall about how they are using Lattice and other marketing technologies to help drive their meteoric growth.

DocuSign is unique in a few ways. First of all, the company is growing tremendously, with  approximately 100 percent growth in revenue year over year. Also, DocuSign operates in a huge market spanning both B2B and B2C, generating a massive amount of demand: 135,000 leads per quarter and 40,000 new users per day.

And lastly, the fact that Scott who heads up sales operations could so easily go up on stage and freely talk about DocuSign’s marketing technology strategy is a testament to how tightly intertwined their sales and marketing organizations are.

Here are a few takeaways from their interview:

“The only thing that counts is pipeline generation.” Scott spoke about how both he and Meagen Eisenberg (DocuSign’s vice president of demand generation) are held accountable to the same metric: pipeline generation. This means that they work hand in hand to accomplish that goal. Having that shared metric is what brings them together and makes them nearly interchangable.

“You’ve got to be smart about your lead scoring.” Matt did the math, and based on the number of leads that DocuSign has coming in, it comes to about 70 leads per day per salesperson on their small inside sales team. Scott admitted they are inundated with leads and there is no way they could get through all of them. That’s where they really had to get smart. Together with marketing, he asked, how do we figure out which leads are most likely to convert? That’s when they decided to try predictive marketing technology from Lattice.

“You need to know your business well enough to be able to separate the good leads.” Scott talked about how even though DocuSign operates in nearly every vertical, the real estate market is its most lucrative, as you might guess. Knowing that, DocuSign wanted to optimize its marketing efforts there and get visibility into the top predictors for which of those leads was most likely to convert. It uses Lattice’s Cross-sell and Retention application to build models specific to that industry, and then feeds the results back into its marketing automation and CRM systems.

“We have a shadow IT department in marketing.” I thought it was interesting that DocuSign has a director of marketing technology to help it select and manage its IT investments. They usually start by identifying a challenge that they want to solve and then research if there is a technology solution. That’s how they selected Lattice. They scoped out the requirements together, evaluated the technology and made the decision.

DocuSign is certainly one of the companies on the cutting edge of marketing today. Using predictive marketing technology from Lattice alone, it has achieved a 38 percent lift in win rates over and a 22X return on investment within the first two months. You can learn more here.

Written by

Erin O'Keeffe
August 12, 2014