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Drive Revenue Success with Scalable ABM Programs: Masergy x Lattice

Less than a year ago, the team at Masergy realized traditional B2B marketing was not effective in today’s marketplace. They needed a different marketing program that would make an impact on revenue. The challenge that Masergy faced was having a global customer market, along with competitors who were some of the biggest companies in the world.

Their first attempt was direct channel, which brought over 25,000 leads within a year. With the mentality of “higher leads = higher opportunities”, this statistic was considered a positive. However, as they were going through the leads, the team realized they were low quality or not the right fit. They then decided to implement Account-Based Marketing, to create a personalized buyer’s journey amongst a world of spam emails and low engagement.

At the end of their ABM search, Masergy chose to go forward with Lattice because of specific capabilities within the product:

  • Identify target accounts using data, which shows what companies would be a good fit and why. This data was used to create predictive models and identify target account attributes.
  • Orchestrate outbound activities to determine tactics used in each channel. High scored accounts would get different exposure and level of SDR interaction compared to medium or low scoring accounts.
  • Enable hyper-targeted messaging to best fit accounts with external data signals. Intent data helped assess buyer stages. They can accelerate SDR research and spend more on content for higher-intent accounts.

To scale their ABM program, Masergy utilized Lattice’s platform to:

  1. Create a Data Foundation by aggregating 1st and 3rd party data from various sources into one platform, ie: Lattice.
  1. Segment and Execute Campaigns with personalized omni-channel messaging across the board.  
  1. Measure and Drive Accountability by assessing if campaigns are working and determining the impact of the campaigns on ROI.

Masergy’s results with Lattice were staggering. Within a year, they saw over ~7x opportunity creation within their named accounts, along with a 50% higher opportunity MRR.

Within just one year, Masergy has transformed their sales and marketing programs, showing incredible results with their workflow. In the future, Masergy will utilizing Lattice Atlas to have AI-driven partner segmentation to further expand intent and enrichment within target accounts.

See the slides here.

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Written by

Simta Sharma
May 17, 2018