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End Pay, Spray and Pray! – Introducing Prospect Discovery

Every experienced demand generation marketer has been in the uncomfortable situation towards the end of the quarter where they need more qualified prospects. Sales is banging on the door for more and better leads, the CMO is pushing on whether marketing is going to meet its promises, and the entire demand team is on edge. In the past the response to this situation has been to buy a list, overspend on an ad campaign, or schedule a few last minute press releases.

No marketer wants to turn to these “pay, spray and pray” options. Lists provide leads that are often stale and put marketers at risk of being classified as SPAM. According to a recent study by MailChimp, the average email open rate is 22% while click-through rate is a little under 3% – this includes emails sent to opt-in subscribers. Imagine how low these numbers go for the unqualified leads that you get from list providers. Display ads provide some indication of interest/intent, but are limited in terms of the firmographic/fit-related data.

Introducing Prospect Discovery

Well, it’s time to end “Pay, Spray and Pray.” We’re excited today to announce the newest addition to our suite of applications: Prospect Discovery. By combining the power of predictive analytics and intent data, Lattice provides afeed of net-new leads that look like your ideal customer and are ready to buy now.

Marketers can use Prospect Discovery to add highly qualified leads to their campaigns – increasing engagement, accelerating nurture and ultimately increasing marketing’s contribution to the pipeline. Sales can use Prospect Discovery instead of buying lists to drive more productive prospecting. Because the leads are scored based on likelihood to convert and their readiness to buy, sales can maximize their time focusing on the right prospects and eliminating wasted effort.

How does it work?

Lattice tracks thousands of data points on millions of companies as well as intent indicators. Intent data captures the searches, ad clicks, content downloads, etc. on the web that indicate when a prospect is actively searching for a solution.

Prospect Discovery provides a feed of high quality net new leads filtered on custom criteria. This includes – 

Fit-related criteria: we track thousands of data points across each company that you can use to filter and find the precise set of accounts you’re targeting. These data points include:

Firmographic attributes (e.g. company size, industry, location, etc.)Contact-level attributes (e.g. job function, title, etc.)Technologies used behind the firewallCompany events (e.g. executive changes, funding events, new office openings, etc.)Financial/risk profile data (e.g. revenue trend, credit risk info, bankruptcy filing info)Social presence and activity (e.g. facebook likes, follower count, etc.)Company hiring activityAnd many more…Intent-related criteria: we monitor billions of interactions across thousands of interest areas to track which buyers are ready to buy now. You can get as granular as looking for leads who have indicated a strong interest in content management within the past 3 days.Predictive score: we’ll score each lead based on how likely they are to do business with you. We do this by looking at your existing customers and applying machine learning to determine the score based on the lead’s propensity to convert.

Unparalleled Power

By combining the power of predictive analytics with fit and intent data, Prospect Discovery provides unparalleled power to businesses for scaling their lead generation efforts. Whether marketers are looking to penetrate a new vertical or segment or drive account-based marketing, Prospect Discovery enhances outbound communications, and drives true ROI for sales and marketing teams.

Learn more about Prospect Discovery.


Written by

Nipul Chokshi
May 12, 2015