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Enriching Your Account Universe: Turn Data into Revenue

here is an 8x increase in ROI on personalized campaigns, according to Forrester Research. While B2C marketers have been doing this forever, it has taken longer to catch on in the B2B world. But smart teams understand that better segmentation is the key to B2B sales and marketing success.

Because of that, I’m really excited to announce the launch of our next-generation Lead Enrichment capabilities. Lattice will now write back more than just a score into your marketing automation and CRM systems; we’re adding thousands of account attributes. As a result, marketing and sales teams can create hyper-personalized segments based on technographic data (e.g. web technologies or technologies used behind the firewall) and firmographic data (e.g. industry, revenue, employee band).

Why is this so important? As marketers, you’re always collecting data about your customers and prospects but there are a few challenges:

  • The data is spread across multiple sources in different formats: How many of us have had to go through spreadsheet hell while trying to standardize simple things like company history, HQ location or annual revenue?
  • Up-to-date data is hard to find: Take technologies being used behind the firewall. Getting this information on a regular basis, validating it’s still correct and then making it available in your systems is a Herculean efforts all on its own.

With our new lead enrichment capability, teams can now create these custom segments and easily act on the data and predictive insights right from within their current toolsets.

One of our customers in the tech industry is using this capability to run targeted competitive take-out campaigns (Figure 1). They used our lead enrichment capability to find inbound leads coming from companies using Akamai (the actual technology has been changed here for client confidentiality). They then automatically feed these leads into a special nurture track that uses content and messaging designed to talk about how their solution is superior to Akamai and why now is a good time to switch.

Figure 1

At the same time marketing is using this data enrichment to enhance their nurture campaigns, sales teams also have this information at their fingertips within their CRM system (Figure 2). For example, perhaps predictive algorithms have determined that having three or more design-based solutions already deployed made a company more likely to also purchase their product. They would be able to quickly glance at the account data and see which three design products a company already has deployed, and use that information to have a more contextual conversation when they reach out to this target account.

Figure 2

At Lattice we understand that the true value for predictive marketing isn’t just in creating a score for accounts and leads, real ROI is seen when sales and marketers act upon the insights predictive analytics can provide companies. Our new lead enrichment capabilities enhance the data companies can collect, for both inbound and outbound prospecting, and enable them to put that new information into action immediately to drive ROI.

To learn more about our new lead and account enrichment capabilities, check out our press release, and come talk to us at the MarTech conference in San Francisco March 21-22.

Written by

Caitlin Ridge
March 16, 2016