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Get the Inside Scoop on Account-Based Everything

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been the hot topic in the marketing technology community for the past 12 months, but in reality, companies should be talking about Account-Based Everything (ABE). Because true account-focused programs are bigger than just marketing, they are integrated efforts between marketing, sales, and sales development teams.

During a recent webinar Jon Miller, CEO at Engagio, and Nipul Chokshi, the head of product marketing at Lattice, discussed this evolution from ABM to ABE, and highlighted the three key steps companies should include in their ABE process:

  • The first step in ABE is identifying the ‘Who.’ A clear understanding of which accounts and people you want to reach is critical. Marketing and sales need to join together to list out key segmentation criteria, which could include revenue, employees, industry and more. Looking for a way to enhance the attributes you segment your accounts on? Predictive analytics solutions can add attributes to the list. For example, Lattice identifies the attributes that make an account a good target for you. These include industry, financial data and what technologies a company has behind the firewall. With the application of machine learning, this data helps generate an account score and insights into why a company is a good fit or not.
  • After identifying and finalizing the high fit account list, the second step is ‘What,’ or the engagement piece. Knowing how to talk to these identified accounts is key in maintaining an open conversation that leads to increased conversions. The goal with ABE is to create hyper-personalized messages, which will stimulate interest by highlighting your fresh ideas and possible solutions. This action will demonstrate an understanding to their specific company and your fit, as well as helping your company stand out in a sea of generic marketing messages.
  • The final step is ‘How.’ The method in which these tailored messages are delivered is vitally important when executing an ABE strategy. Empower marketing and sales to run detailed targeted campaigns that rely on a customized insights, rather than automated emailing. Look into how you can personalize or customize events, direct mail, online advertising and web sites for your prospects and customers.

Now that you have all this data available, it is time to run some plays! Gather your different departments and reach out to individuals at your high-fit target accounts in a multi-threaded fashion. Finally, remember that account-based metrics are different than when you’re running a traditional demand gen program. Focus on the following:

  • Quality of Accounts
  • Velocity of the Pipeline
  • How much of the Pipeline is Influenced by Integrated Campaigns
  • Increase of Land & Expand Opportunities

If you’d like to learn more on how to better orchestrate your ABE strategy and see how Lattice and Engagio can support your journey to driving results, check out our recent webinar!

Written by

Daniela Ulloa
August 9, 2016