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Getting Started with Predictive Lead Scoring: Best Practices on Ramping up your Model

Whether you recently invested in a predictive lead scoring solution or currently evaluating vendors, knowing how you will operationalize the scores is important from the start. In fact, we think it is the fun part! In this post, I’ll share best practices for putting your predictive scores to work for marketing and sales.

So, what should you do to gain momentum and get the most value out of Lattice? First, it’s important to understand that each organization is unique. Depending on your current demand generation practices, marketing and sales alignment and goals for your model, the best approach will differ. However, here are two steps every organization should start with:

Commit to an initial plan for, at a minimum, the first quarter post-model go-live.Document current benchmarks and metrics and define what success will look like.

Once you have those parameters in place, consider moving forward with one or more of the following approaches.

Run a Pilot Program

Launching a new program or leveraging a new technology is exciting, but sometimes the fastest way to success is starting at a manageable pace. A pilot program gives the project lead and sponsor(s) an opportunity to see predictive lead scoring working in real life situations, but within a contained environment. This provides quick and iterative learning, allowing the project stakeholders an opportunity to find the right approach before rolling the program out to the entire organization.


Create a hypothesis on the best way to use predictive lead scoring and expected results.Secret Tip: Leverage the customer success team at Lattice to brainstorm and help set expectations.Identify a single use case within a single product line or segment.Secret Tip: Identify an internal partner (e.g., sales manager or regional GM) who is more entrepreneurial and more apt to try new things.Define a specific time period that you will run the pilot program.Secret Tip: Think weeks not months and consider an agile approach with “sprints.”Be very specific with directions and if sales is involved be hands on with training to ensure intentions are being met.During the program, don’t just let it play out, observe and track closely; iterate where necessary – this is a learning process!Restart and repeat until you have the details you need to launch at a larger scale.Secret Tip: Identify key wins during the pilot program and aggressively circulate these internally.

Crawl – Walk – Run

Taking the pilot program a step further consider building out a tiered approach on how you will deploy predictive lead scoring. Consider the Crawl – Walk – Run approach as displayed in the below image.

Jump Right In

For smaller organizations or advanced marketing organizations, a pilot program or tiered approach from above may not be necessary. In this case you may be able to fast-forward to a larger roll out of the predictive scores and become fully operationalized at a more advanced pace.

How do you know you’re ready to skip the ramp up process? Use this checklist to gauge your readiness level.

Marketing has successfully deployed multiple technologies.A mature marketing automation system and lead flow process is in place.Sales and marketing are in lock step (SLAs in place, consistent communication and there is a mutual respect.)The key stakeholder(s) are very clear on how predictive lead scoring will be used and deployed.A strong executive sponsor is in place.

If you can check off many or all of the above bullets, you are probably ready to roll out predictive lead scoring to your entire organization. However, if you have doubts, consider erring on the side of starting with a department to begin with. For any program or technology, it is much easier to expand after success has been realized, than to iterate and/or change directions once it has been introduced to the entire organization.

Just Try!

Regardless of how you launch your predictive lead scores, the key is to trust the model you have built and try different campaigns and programs by utilizing the score. It’s important to note, the first attempt may not work perfectly – and that’s ok! Learn and iterate until you have a process that is successful then continue to expand. As you plan your approach, here are some other resources and ideas to help as you ramp up your predictive lead scores.

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Written by

Sam Melnick
March 13, 2015