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Great Marketing Is Actually All Around Us

Some may think that marketing is full of interruptions.

Sometimes I get a little gloomy when I arrive at a gated piece of content. (Do I have to register for an infographic, seriously!?) General opinion’s starting to make out that we marketers live in a world of bad ads and terribly designed landing pages, but I don’t see that. When we stop and look around, it’s easy to see that great marketing is actually all around.

When I reached out to a few people to get ideas for this post something funny happened. By and large, the best content for the year were almost all video examples. (A major thank you to Ann Handley, Brian Kardon, Matt Heinz, Michael Brenner and Alicia Thomas for sending along your picks!) Here is the standout content from 2014, starting with some campaigns and moving on to videos, which are all worthy of a view!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

als ice bucket challenge

“The ALS ice bucket challenge has to be at the top or near the top of the list. Simple, effective, brilliant. Near impossible to replicate without looking like a copycat.” – Matt Heinz

Wistia’s Learning Center 


Great example of a B2B learning series that empowers businesses to make more video by teaching the skills to make videos in short snackable clips. – Alicia Thomas

Starbuck’s Meet Me at Starbucks



A cool take on interactive video that explores the good things that can only happen when we get together face to face. – Alicia Thomas

Adobe: Click, Baby, Click!

Apple: The Song

Budweiser: A Hero’s Welcome

CDW’s Elevator Meeting

Airbnb’s Wall and Chain

Salesforce’s Sales & Marketing Alignment is Easier than you Think

   Image Credit(s):                Tim Sackton                    

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
December 19, 2014