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Hack the Journey: Use AI and Data to Accelerate ABM

Lattice Engines and Dun & Bradstreet recently hosted a Hack the Journey event where our all-star panel of female marketers discussed the importance of ABM and how they’re making an impact on their organizations using account-centric strategies and tactics. Laura Ramos of Forrester, Meagen Eisenberg of MongoDB, Marissa Dacay of Adobe and Rebecca Stone of LiveRamp highlighted the things they’ve learned as they hacked together their own account-focused programs, where they stumbled, and what’s next for their ABM programs. Here are the key learnings attendees took away from the session:

ABM drives real value but is impossible without data and insights about customers and prospects

  • MongoDB has launched full-throttle ABM campaign where they are targeting accounts through a variety of online and offline engagements. These are all coordinated and personalized using data enrichments that they’ve collected about these core accounts they’re targeting.

AI enables you to identify and prioritize targets, as well as align with sales on who to target, and why

  • LiveRamp worked with Lattice to source 500 new accounts that matched their ideal customer profile. This led to 3x more accounts for SDRs, and then sales and marketing together ran targeted campaigns using personalized messaging to these accounts.

With AI and data, companies are scaling their ABM-tactics beyond a handful of accounts to 1000s of accounts

  • In 2013 Adobe had 22 accounts that they were targeting with account-centric campaigns. In 2018 they have 12,000 accounts that they are targeting, using hyper-segmentation and data enrichments to create personalized experiences for all 12,000 accounts.

It’s crucial to create segments using a combination of fit, 3rd party intent and 1st party engagement data to customize messaging

  • LiveRamp enriched their database with tons of internal and external signals to ensure that all the attributes they should be filtering on were included in their systems. Then they were able to create target segments and send out personalized, omni-channel campaigns that highlighted things like complementary technologies.

Having integrated outreach across sales and marketing is critical to success

  • Adobe created what they call ABX – account-based experiences. The company’s account-centric plans include sales, marketing and advertising to create a more integrated account-based experience for their prospects. Adobe realized that having a fully integrated sales and marketing team led to more success, and they aligned all of their programs around this mantra.

Measuring success is no longer about lead volume, but about metrics that matter to the entire business. From their ABM programs these three companies saw:

  • saw a 27% increase in overall funnel velocity
  • saw a 40% increase in win rates.
  • saw a 25x greater customer lifetime value.

Interested in learning more insights from the presentation? See the deck here.

Written by

Caitlin Ridge
April 11, 2018