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How Marketers Are Using Account Level Buying Signals to Find the Best Leads

Some marketers have been fumbling with developing models of their ideal buyer personas to determine what influences their buying decision.

In other words, marketers are challenged with the task of determining buyer intent.

Despite marketing automation, sales force automation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, persona-based marketing, service level agreements between marketing and sales, and top talent, 94 percent of your marketing qualified leads will never close (SiriusDecisions). 94 percent. That is a staggering number. On top of that, more than 50 percent of sales reps aren’t making quota (CSO Insights) and sales reps are spending upwards of 68 percent of their time on administrative tasks, rather than selling (IDC). So, what’s wrong here?

The examples are clearer to see in the consumer world. We are shifting from booking hotels to using Airbnb, taking cabs to using Uber, listening to the radio to using Pandora, and going to the mall to using Amazon. The Internet giant Amazon has an amazing story to tell. Amazon is tracking seemingly endless amounts of data – your purchases, dwell times, product ratings, sizes, what your neighbors buy, etc – in order to predict what you are going to buy next.

Smart B2B companies are following suit and tapping into all of the knowable data about customers and prospects to drive conversion rates. The true is that many marketers only have access to about 1 percent of the data on its target audience available. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Tomorrow Brian Kardon is joining Andrew Gaffney of Demand Gen Report to offer best practices around predicting your next customer. The webinar will include key takeaways including:

An overview of possible criteria indicative of buyer intentHow to avoid the guessing game with lead scoringIncorporating contact and account-level attributes to get a complete look at your leadsHow consumer giants and innovative B2B companies are using data to achieve growth

Learn more about the webinar here.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
February 26, 2014