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How To Improve Sales Performance With 6 Data Sources

Last year we uncovered that 90% of sales reps are overwhelmed at the amount of data available about their prospects. In some cases reps are searching up to 15 different sources before placing a call. If your sales reps are drowning in data and you for tips on how to improve sales performance, here are six data sources to help your reps and improve sales performance:

Ghostery: This tool sheds light on a company’s technology and business so you understand what it is and how to use it.

Google Search: Search for competitors of your prospect’s company so you understand the industry and the wisdom of the crowds.

LinkedIn People and Company Pages: Search for your prospect and his/her company pages to uncover the professional personality.

Spyfu: Search with Spyfu to uncover how your prospect is positioned online.

Glassdoor: This site provides subjective opinions and feedback from employees just as if you were hanging by the water cooler.

Alexa: Track prospect demographic data.

The above data sources will often give your reps nuggets of information beyond what is found in conventional sources like financial reports, Crunchbase, Hoovers, etc.

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Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
November 7, 2013