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Informatica Transforms Their Marketing with Scalable 1:1 Experiences

Marketers in the B2B sphere also have a larger influence in the buying cycle. Prior to this shift, marketers were only responsible for top-of-the-funnel engagement. Now marketers are involved throughout the lifetime of a consumer, from awareness pre-sale to advocacy post-sale.

Informatica recognized this shift and wanted to change the way they targeted consumers.

Prior to their journey with Lattice, Informatica only targeted accounts in the strategic and enterprise levels. They wanted to be able to expand their prospecting and be able to grow their mid-market targets that had little to no touch in the buyer’s journey. Informatica wanted to be able to accelerate the digitally-led buyer’s journey by creating personalized messaging to those mid-market accounts that did not receive any personalized, consistent messaging in the past.

Informatica's expanded desire to prospect and grow the mid-market that will accelerate the need for digitally-led buyer’s journey

Informatica went with Lattice because they wanted :

  • Website traffic and trending analytics, i.e:  how are “high quality” vs “low quality” contacts engaged on the website?
  • Increase revenue cycle quality and acceleration, i.e: žwhat is the distribution of my A/B/C contacts in my revenue cycle stages?
  • Optimize brand and demand engagement with high quality contacts across a variety of channels such as email and social
  • žBroaden Profiling and Segmentation with data enrichment to figure out what common technologies do high-quality vs low-quality accounts have?

With insights from Lattice and their own Data Lake, Informatica saw transformative results.

They were able to create a personalized experience for all accounts, from strategic to mid-market. The image below shows the amounts of Lattice-scored leads - scored A/B/C - that turned into pipeline, and of that pipeline, how many turned into revenue won.

Amount of Lattice-scored A/B/C leads that turned into pipeline, and of that pipeline, how many turned into revenue won

Informatica decided to run a campaign in LinkedIn for “high-fit, high-intent” accounts, in which they matched ad-copy to key words, technographics and other indicators, providing a personalized message to the target. Within Lattice, they created their target audience, which was then orchestrated through Marketo to LinkedIn. With AI and 3rd-party intent-based targeting, Informatica saw a +2.3 increase in post-click conversion and -2.6x decrease in cost-per-qualified lead, compared to the traditional ‘spray and pray’ method. Informatica was able to capture more data than previously possible and use that insight to create and orchestrate successful campaigns.

LinkedIn Campaign run using Standard LinkedIn targeting data, Intent data and AI + Intent data

In the future, Informatica will be using Lattice Atlas to run different kinds of campaigns. They will be using the platform’s AI-based insights to drive website personalization and feed segments into marketing automation for custom nurtures.

See the slides from Steven's presentation at Marketo Summit 2018 here.B2B marketing has transformed within the last decade. With new roles and technologies, there has been an emergence of more spam and less consumer engagement. Most marketers are realizing that traditional B2B marketing tactics are not effective anymore.

Written by

Simta Sharma
June 26, 2018