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Killer B2B Demand Generation Campaign Tips

When it comes to B2B demand generation, a lot of success rides on the ability to plan and execute killer campaigns. We caught up with Elle Woulfe, our director of demand generation, to learn about her process for brainstorming, planning and carrying out demand gen programs. Here’s an overview:

Think through what action you want your audience to takeDefine your goals for the campaign based on the who and the whatLearn from past mistakesKeep it simple

Here is a collection of more best practices from other experts in the field.

How to Effectively Measure B2B Demand Gen Campaigns – This resource from Clickz offers 4 tips to help you measure your success (and failures), by starting with effectiveness metrics, then moving to efficiency metrics.

Lead Management Success Kit – This kit from Marketo outlines an ebook, worksheets, checklists, blogs and webinars to help you navigate a B2B demand gen strategy, which an emphasis on scoring and nurturing leads.

10 Tips to Maximize your Demand Gen Efforts – This article on Business2Community shares 10 basic ideas to help you lay the foundation for a great campaign.

Honing in on Email Best Practices – This infographic from Spear Marketing offers more than 20 tips on creating and sending better emails, so you can stand out from the inbox clutter.

Mastering Global Campaigns – What is your audience spans multiple countries or continents? This article from ChiefMarketer sheds light on how to make a campaign successful, no matter the time zone.


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Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
October 8, 2014