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Lattice on Lattice: How Sales uses Predictive Qualified Leads

Many think that predictive lead scoring only works for companies with an abundance of inbound leads, but this isn’t the case. Predictive lead scoring can solve a variety of sales and marketing challenges such as finding the right accounts to target, prioritizing your leads for marketing campaigns, filling the funnel and so much more.

For the past several months, we have been drinking our own champagne and utilizing our Lead Prioritization app to identify new leads for our sales development team to call. To increase our top of funnel volume, we are identifying leads that don’t quite meet our MQL criteria but are indicating other signals that may make them a good fit for our solutions. Here’s some more information from Elle Woulfe, our director of demand generation, about how we areuncovering and passing PQLs to our sales team.

Watch this video featuring Noelle Alyassini, our director of sales development, to learn more about how her team works PQLs.

To learn more about creating a productive partnership between marketing and sales, read about our three strategies for fostering marketing and sales alignment.

Written by

Alicia Thomas
March 12, 2015