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Meet Alex MacLean, #MKTGgenius

Earlier this week we announced the Society of the Secret Sauce, our members-only group which celebrates the marketing elite. In preparation for Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience, I caught up with Alex MacLean, a member of the Society, and one of our customers from Kronos, a global workforce management solution. Learn more about what makes Alex a #MKTGgenius in this Q&A below.

Alexandra Mumaw[1]

Alex leads a team of interactive marketing analysts and focuses on driving innovation across the global deployment of Kronos’ marketing automation platform, Eloqua. She led Kronos’ recent upgrade to the Eloqua10 platform and continues to leverage the latest technology to meet business needs. She is the primary marketing operations liaison to the Kronos global Sales organization and manages training and support on the Eloqua sales tools. Alex is a Certified Eloqua Product Master, RLC Master and RPM Master. She received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Management from the University of Vermont. Follow Alex on Twitter.

What is the secret to your success in marketing?

I didn’t find marketing; marketing found me. When I graduated, marketing was not a common path for an engineering major, but my technical problem solving and math background has been a perfect fit in marketing operations. Not to mention I love it – it’s a wonderful mix of creative and analytical.

What’s something you wish you had learned earlier in your career?

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer. In turn, appreciate others’ honesty when they admit the same.

What is one marketing technology (or capability) that you can’t live without? Why?

For me, the obvious answer is Eloqua. More specifically, I’d say Program Builder. Call me “old school”, but I find myself in Program Builder quite a bit. Whether it is manipulating data, automating processes or stretching the system beyond what it is designed to do, Program Builder still has my heart.   

In your time at Kronos what’s the #MKTGgenius project you’re most proud of?

In the last 18 months, I’ve worked closely with our Programs team to expand our automated programs infrastructure. We have identified various segments based on a combination of implicit and explicit attributes and designed programs around these ranging from welcome to re-engagement to product-specific interest programs. Working to define the overall strategy, architecting and deploying these programs has been very fun work, but seeing results that are consistently four to five times our usual  response rates has been the most exciting and fulfilling part.

How do you evaluate and select new marketing technologies?

The number of technologies available to us is incredible and it’s a challenge to keep up! When I am evaluating new toys it’s ultimately about fulfilling a business need. Unless it is obvious that a technology will fit into our existing landscape and help us meet our goals or make our lives easier it is usually a non-starter for me.  That’s not to say I won’t file it away and revisit it in the future – just because it doesn’t fit now doesn’t mean it won’t be exactly what I am looking for six months or a year down the line!

If you could write a haiku about marketing, what would it be?

Marketing ops is

neither art nor science but

a sprinkle of both

What’s next? What are your areas of focus for marketing for the remainder of 2015?

In addition to the ongoing monitoring of and improvement to our existing processes and systems, we have some exciting things on tap for 2015. Custom subscription management is the project I am currently working on. Nurture has been a large focus and will continue to be. We currently use Lattice predictive analytics for effective targeting and are looking to expand on that and leverage the same data in our lead scoring model.




Alex is a charter member of the Society of the Secret Sauce. Do you have what it takes? Tell us why you are a #MKTGgenius on Twitter and enter to win our contest.




Written by

Heather Foeh
March 25, 2015