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#MKTGnerd Alert: Meet The Winners

It’s been said that right now is the most fun time to be in marketing. We have the technology, tools and data at our fingertips and budgets to back up our wildest marketing dreams. But asScott Brinker said it, “You don’t have to be a full-blown marketing technologist to be a marketing nerd. You just have to dig how technology can be used to do great marketing.” We were inspired by Scott’s quote and your entries so we teamed up with Brady Bonus to sketch out a marketing nerd cartoon.

For the past two and a half weeks, we’ve celebrated some of the biggest marketing nerdsaround. We’ve also challenged you to get your nerd on. And man, did you let your nerd flags fly. We were overwhelmed with the submissions on Twitter and Instagram. It was so much fun reviewing all the tweets and pictures. Now, the time has come and we are excited to announce the winners to our #MKTGnerd contest.

And the winners are:

Photo Contest

Elise Querin

Gregory Stotler

Twitter Contest

I’m glad I’m a #MKTGnerd coz am talking pipeline & conversion rate for invitation to any family functions! – @raoranjiIN ADDITION TO THE MKTGNERD ENTRIES WE SHOWCASED AT ELOQUA EXPERIENCE LAST WEEK, HERE ARE SOME NERDABLE MENTIONS WE COULDN’T OVERLOOK:

I’m a #MKTGnerd bc I segment shopping lists to optimize effectiveness & test subject lines 4 personal emails. True. – @erikawg

I tick for a click, I’m warm for a form, convert’s my dessert and to measure’s a pleasure, total #MKTGnerd – @tsaurj

I’m a #MKTGnerd because I dream of calls to action, and when I wake up, go put them into action. – @AmandaF_Batista

When you realize you have tabs open for @Pardot @marketo @salesforce and @gooddata apps all at the same time #MKTGnerd – @WillDavis

Hopeless #MKTGnerd when I’m momentarily confused when someone spells ‘clout’ with a ‘C’. “Oh, you mean, like, the dictionary clout.” – @TomSlage

#MKTGnerd because I’m sending this tweet via @Bufferapp – @IamReff

I’m a #MKTGnerd b/c I use predictive analytics to determine who is likely to give the best gifts & invite them to my bday parties…. – @ellehwoulfe

I am a #MKTGnerd because when I’m out shopping with my girl and she tries on a dress I ask if we can A/B test that. – @jjarowski

Future marketing nerd and modern marketing from Matt Heinz:

Congrats to our four winners! We are reaching out to our winners via Twitter and email so keep an eye out so we can get your mailing address.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
October 30, 2013