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#MME15 Highlight Reel: the Customer, the Account & the Franco

From #FrancoFace to superfluous exhibits of lanyard flair, the inaugural Oracle Modern Marketing Experience last week in Las Vegas showcased some of what you’d expect… and a few surprises from the world of modern marketing.

While the James Franco keynote lit up Twitter with its awkwardness, we love this post from our friends at Kapost who pointed out that the #FrancoFail might have actually been a big win since it served as an easy conversation starter among conference goers. We were united in our common desire to make fun of Mr. Franco.

Age of the Customer

While it may seem pretty obvious that marketing should be “all about the customer,” a key theme at the event was the struggle marketers face to provide a consistent, unified cross channel experience. To address this fragmentation in an increasingly multi-channel world, Oracle Marketing Cloud announced the Oracle ID Graph, a tool that aims to help marketers connect customer identities across multiple marketing channels and devices.

All Things Predictive

Predictive was also a big buzzword at this year’s event, with at least six sessions highlighting various use cases for predictive technology. It should come as no surprise that data is the critical underpinning to developing a customer-centric marketing strategy and this desire to know all there is to know about our customers is driving adoption of predictive applications among B2B companies.

Lattice was honored to have Alex Krawchick, director of demand marketing & lead management at HireVue, share his experience with Lattice to a packed house.

In stark contrast with traditional, rules-based lead scoring, Alex pointed out that predictive scoring doesn’t depend on anecdote or tribal knowledge – it uses data and lots of it – to objectively determine the attributes that make a lead likely to convert. The big gap in lead scoring is the fact that it’s only focused on the lead. With data limited to basic demographic and behavioral cues, a rules-based scoring program can only get you so far.

Using predictive scoring, HireVue now incorporates account-level firmographic and intent data to provide a much deeper view of their leads. It’s this level of detail that allows them to segment and visualize scores on a much more granular level than ever before.

And the results demonstrate why a predictive approach to lead and account scoring is worthy of consideration. By focusing sales resources on leads with high predictive scores, HireVue has experienced 2x conversion on MQLs and SQLs and increased their opportunity to win rate from 9 percent to 15 percent.

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Written by

Elle Woulfe
April 6, 2015