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Predictive Marketing 101: How to Operationalize your Predictive Scores

7 Predictive Marketing Ideas

Now that you have a predictive score for your leads you probably have plans to adjust the way your sales team follows up with leads. But have you thought about how you might use the score in your marketing programs as well? Here are a few ideas from our customer base to get you started.

Field Events

If you’re trying to decide where to host events such as roadshows or prospect breakfasts, considering using your lead score to build a “heat map” of where your highest leads are located. (Here’s a tutorial on how to make this happen. Or try BatchGeo! )

Event Invitations

Consider differentiating the type of invitations your leads receive to events based on their score. Some ideas for the highest scored leads:

Personal phone call invitationsHand-written invitations sent via overnight deliveryEvents geared only toward the highest scored leads

Event Follow-Up

If you’ve ever attended a trade show and brought home buckets of leads you know that many of them just wanted to snag your giveaway and aren’t ready to buy. This is a great time to put predictive scoring to work! Here’s a sample plan that you could try:

Highest Leads (ex: scores 90-100, or “A”) = Call immediately and keep trying at least 5 times to connectHigh Leads (ex: B) = Call within 3 days and keep trying at least 4 times to connectMedium/Average Leads (ex: C) = Call within a week and keep trying at least 3 times to connectLow Leads (ex: D) = Nurture via marketing automation

Webinar Invitations

Create an exclusive online event for your highest scoring leads. Be sure that the invitees know that space is limited and that their invitation is unique to them. During the Q&A portion of the webinar give them access to ask questions of an executive or perhaps someone on your product management team that you know they would value speaking with. Use your best resources for your best leads! You can then re-purpose the recording of this event with your lower-scoring leads without the live Q&A portion.

Direct Mail (“Door Openers”)

You may want to invest in a “door opener” campaign that sends a high-end object or some type of 3D mailer to a prospect in order to get them to take a meeting from your sales team and receive the accompanying piece of the object. As these pieces can be quite expensive, this is the perfect use of your predictive scores! Use the highest scoring leads in your campaign for the best ROI.

Call Blitz

Need to jump start the morale of your sales team with a little friendly competition? Or do you have a new product or upcoming event you want to communicate to your database? Consider a one- or two-day call blitz. Here’s an example:

Highest Leads = Call first thing in the morning; don’t leave a message if you don’t connect. Try again in the afternoon and leave a voice mail this time if needed. Also follow-up with a scripted email at the end of the day.High Leads = Call in the morning and leave a voice mail if you don’t connect. Follow-up with a scripted email at the end of the day.Average/Medium Leads = Call in the afternoon and leave a voice mail if you don’t connect. Follow-up with a scripted email at the end of the day.Give prizes for the number of calls made, the number of connections made, and the number of secondary meetings scheduled.

Nurturing Campaigns

Why not show your very best content and assets to your highest scoring leads? Consider revising your nurturing track(s) to give special treatment to your leads that are most likely to buy, and/or tie in the webinar idea above. Perhaps include interactive elements in that nurturing campaign that allow your leads to ask questions directly. This will require more effort on your part to follow-up with those leads and will also require a clear plan for follow-up methods and timelines, but the payoff could be worth it!

You may also want to tag your assets (emails, landing pages, etc.) as “high scoring”, “mid-scoring” or “low scoring”. That will then give you freedom to use the retargeting feature below.

Display Advertising/Retargeting Campaigns

Many marketers are making use of retargeting technology to show highly targeted display ads to their leads across the web. Leads with a high predictive score are excellent candidates for retargeting! Many retargeting technologies allow you to display ads to leads that have interacted with certain contact (example: “high scoring” emails mentioned above in the Nurturing Campaign section). You may also consider targeting based on the domain names of your highest leads. Finally, some products (such as Demandbase) can directly use the predictive scores to show specific ads to your highest scoring leads.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
January 6, 2016