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Predictive Marketing: What Really Matters

Predictive Analytics, Predictive Marketing, Predictive Intelligence, Big Data, Intent Data and it goes on…

All of these terms are being thrown around the marketing community with gusto. And for good reason – well over $100 Million in venture capital have been invested in predictive marketing companies and some of the smartest minds in marketing are investing time into this area. Despite the excitement, the reality is that the “buzz” doesn’t help marketers in what is most important – hitting their numbers and increasing pipeline and revenue.

That is why at Lattice, we took it upon ourselves to understand what predictive marketing truly means to the marketers in the field. How is it helping them? What are their hopes for the area? And what exactly they are trying to accomplish at a macro level?

During these great conversations with some amazing marketers (listed below), we quickly came to a conclusion on several items:

  1. There is a big difference between Predictive Marketing and a Predictive Marketing Organization.
  2. While predictive on its own provides value, it becomes “super-charged” when youcombine it with other layers of data, process, and technology within your marketing organization.
  3. With predictive, marketers should not focus on a singular technology, model, or data scientist, but rather take a systematic-approach to marketing as a whole.

The fact is the best marketers in the world are building predictive marketing organizations.

To help marketers build and grow their organization in this fashion, today we are publishing our new maturity model “A Blueprint for Building a Predictive Marketing Organization”.

This ebook, maturity model and assessment will help marketers:

  • Understand what a predictive marketing organization looks like.
  • The current stage of their organization.
  • What steps need to be taken to continue to mature and ultimately become a predictive marketing organization.

We would be remiss not to thank our amazing participants who took time out of their busy days to share their opinions and thoughts on predictive marketing. They are listed below and would encourage any marketer to leverage their expertise when it comes to predictive marketing:

Eytan Abrahams – @eytansnet

Melissa Davies – @melissamdavies

Nancy Fessatidis – Head of Big Data Analytics, SAP @NancyFessatidis

Claudia Hoeffner – Senior Director Demand Generation and Channel Strategy, Acquia @claudiahoeffner

Michelle Kim – Director of Demand Generation, Okta @michellejeank

Nick Panayi – Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing, CSC @Nickpanayi

Alexandre Papillaud – Marketing Director Global Demand Center, Intel Secruity @apapillaud

Doug Sechrist – Vice President Demand Marketing, Infusionsoft @dougsechrist

Jack Speyer – Director Global CRM, SunPower

Lauren Vaccarello – Vice President Marketing, Box @laurenv

You can access your copy of the report here and the assessment below.

Written by

Sam Melnick
October 23, 2015