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Sales Enablement: Paving the Last Predictive Mile with Insights and Execution

Marketers are always looking for ways to increase alignment with sales and ensure that reps follow up on leads they are providing. Misalignment and lack of sales follow-up can be costly – upwards of 10% or more in revenue lost per year. As a result of working with global companies with massive sales forces like Dell, Office Depot and Staples, Lattice understands how to operationalize predictive insights, and help align sales and marketing efforts.

We’re excited to announce our new Buyer Insights solution, which surfaces scores from Lattice along with other predictive insights in Salesforce™ – in context of their lead, account or opportunity workflows. With Buyer Insights, Lattice is the first and only predictive vendor to have paved the last mile between the leads generated and predictively scored by marketing and how sales follows up and executes on those leads.

Predictive Alignment

Lattice generates predictive scores and insights about leads and accounts using thousands of data points on millions of companies, including intent indicators for each company. The new release of Buyer Insights makes these scores and insights available to sales in a very consumable way:


The new app is natively integrated into Salesforce1™. Leads and accounts scored by Lattice are presented as recommendations within their existing tabular workflow. Each recommendation tells the rep not only the score for that particular lead or account, but the underlying data attributes that make up that score, as well as the products that lead/account is likely to buy and estimated revenue.

Dynamic talking points provide a template for marketers to shape sales conversations and shorten call prep times for each lead or account scored by Lattice. Customers can pull in additional data points about the lead or account such as company history, marketing campaign activity, executive changes, and even prior purchase history and other transactional data – all in one place to streamline the call prep process.


Predictive program dashboard provides out-of-the-box reporting and KPIs around how leads and accounts scored by Lattice are generating pipeline and converting. Also included are reports for front line managers to see which reps are following up on target leads and which reps aren’t – so they can identify opportunities for sales rep coaching and improve team performance.

The new app is integrated across mobile platforms, so field reps working exclusively from a tablet are able to access lead and account insights identified by Lattice just as quickly as a telesales rep who is sitting in front of a desktop.

Data in Action

We believe that predictive marketing and sales solutions should not only give you the predictive insights, but the ability to take action on those insights in context of your existing workflows. After testing out the new app, a leading business supplier company was able to drive 40% increase in rep productivity by not only exposing predictive scores and insights, but embedding the scores into sales rep opportunity management workflow. To learn more about Buyer Insights can help drive that kind of productivity lift at your company, click here.




Written by

Nipul Chokshi
September 14, 2015