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Scaling Your ABM Programs with the Lattice Data Cloud

At Lattice, we take pride in helping B2B marketing and sales teams operationalize and scale their account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives. In the last two years we have brought several ground-breaking innovations to life, ranging from self-service modeling to real-time scoring, all of which help our customers put predictive into action in their day-to-day workflows and realize significant gains in marketing and sales efficiencies.

We are excited to launch yet another innovation today, the joining of Lattice in an exclusive partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, which further advances marketers’ ability to drive ABM initiatives at scale. Our new data cloud is the largest source of business insights globally, covering 200M businesses across 200 countries and 1000 industries. It is  also the most comprehensive source of insights with over 16,000 attributes across six categories – firmographics, growth trends, online presence, technology profile, website profile and website keywords.

The data cloud is fully integrated with Lattice’s Predictive Insights Platform and has patent-pending DecisionGraph matching technology that intelligently matches leads to accounts based on websites, locations, DUNS etc. In contrast to other solutions, the DecisionGraph also identifies whether your leads are coming from the headquarters of a company, or a specific buying center/regional location.

The Challenge 

Any B2B marketer that has tried scaling ABM initiatives beyond their top 50 or 100 accounts knows the biggest bottleneck is a lack of availability of complete and accurate insights, and not having the ability to use that data in an automated and real-time fashion. There are two main issues:

Data Silos: Data comes from a variety of sources, including firmographic vendors, technology data vendors, website profile vendors, internal systems and more. Each vendor has different data format and matching keys. Marketers are left trying to stitch these data sources together into a cohesive view, often requiring investment in a dedicated analytics team and data warehousing system.

Real-time Access: To execute automated and real-time campaigns, or make personalization decisions for ABM campaigns, marketers need access to relevant data segments in a matter of minutes not hours. Those who attempt to stitch all their data together have then found themselves trying to connect the data warehousing systems with their campaign execution platforms like Eloqua and Marketo, resulting in yet another technology investment.

The Solution

To help solve these issues we, in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet and many other data providers, have built the largest source of business insights so marketers can get comprehensive view of customers and prospects from one source. We also enabled these insights via our real-time REST APIs and build-in integrations with campaign execution platform (Eloqua, Marketo, Saleforce, etc.) to make the data available on demand.

Let’s look at an example of how a marketer can now use our platform to execute a scalable ABM program.

Simone works for a payment processing company that has rapid growth goals, and she needs to run some targeted campaigns against her account universe in order to help generated qualified pipeline for her sales team. First, she leverages Lattice Predictive Insights platform to build ideal buyer personas, and identify accounts that would be the best fit for the ABM program.

Based on the personas, Simone wants to customize the various touches with technographic and firmographic attributes that she can automatically enter into the copy she’s sending. She’s decided that the first campaign she’ll run is going to be a complementary technology campaign, so using the new Data Cloud Explorer Simone identifies the handful of ecommerce software technologies that are competitive to her company’s. She also uses it to look up the financial risk profile of companies and see how viable they are, to determine which product from her company should be offered to these different merchants. She ensures that these attributes are enabled and written back into her Eloqua instance by clicking on the different cards in the platform.

Now that these attributes are available into her Eloqua instance, Simone begins creating copy for the various account segments that she’s identified – one each for all of the different complementary systems she identified. Using this information, she can easily map out the right account segments in her Eloqua Campaign Canvas, and they’ll begin receiving a customized set of touchpoints that speak about why her company’s product works with these complementary solutions.

In the past, Simone would only have been able to create this campaign for a handful of accounts, because she would have had to find the data insights in numerous different databases, and putting accounts into segments would have been a manual process. With Lattice this entire process will take her less than a day to decide on a campaign, pull the information she needed, and begin executing. 

At Lattice we know data is only powerful when a business is using it in specific campaigns and programs. With our real-time scoring, enrichment apps and REST APIs, customer profiles like the one Simone used in our example are available on-demand for companies. Lattice will then write this information into any system, at any time, so teams can immediately use the insights for smarter call prep on the sales side and more targeted and segmented campaigns on the marketing side.

We’re excited to help marketing teams get closer to true 1:1 marketing, by giving them the technological capabilities and data needed to create targeted, personalized campaigns. If you are a Lattice customer, we would love to have you give the Data Cloud a try. If you are not Lattice customer and would love to learn more about the Data Cloud, please reach out to us here.

Written by

Chitrang Shah
April 4, 2017