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Smiling’s our Favorite – Happy Holidays from Lattice

Here’s what happens when you deploy predictive marketing from Lattice. As told by Buddy the Elf:

You realize you have a problem. Sales doesn’t believe that marketing is sending over quality leads, and marketing thinks sales is ignoring their leads.

Interactions between the two teams have become tense and painful.

Clearly you need to fix the problem. Good news, you just heard about this company called Lattice that offers predictive marketing solutions to help bridge the gap between marketing and sales!

So you decide to deploy Lattice. Sales starts getting predictive scores so they know which contacts to call first, increasing their efficiency. They get really excited and start to love marketing.

Marketing can now create segmentation and customize content for specific targets to improve the velocity of the revenue funnel. Marketing is so happy that they and the sales team are finally on the same page.

So this holiday season, take a cue from Buddy the Elf – SMILE A LOT!

Happy Holidays from Lattice!

Written by

Lattice Engines
December 18, 2015