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Swag, Prizes and Mascots: Exploring the Show Floor at #SDSummit 2014

Recap From the Show Floor

Event marketing is an integral part of Lattice’s mix of demand generation programs. We attend and sponsor lots of events to help feed our sales team with awesome leads. (You may have seen us looking pretty geeky lately in our #MKTGnerd t-shirts and Converse kicks.) These events offer a unique opportunity to meet with clients, prospects and potential partners in a face-to-face interaction, giving Lattice a chance to show off our personality as a company – something that’s an important part of the buying cycle but often overlooked.

One of the best events for Lattice and many other marketing and sales technology vendors happened just last week in Orlando. Year-after-year marketing, sales and product executives flock to the SiriusDecisions Summit to hear about their latest research and learn about the must-have, can’t-live-without-it tools to implement this year. From an event marketing and sponsorship perspective, SiriusDecisions Summit hosts over 65 vendors making it a tough feat to stand out from the crowd, especially when marketing to other creative marketers.

Sponsors spend half the time walking around and comparing each others’ swag, booth designs, content handouts and outfits to see who has come up with the best and most creative way to get the attention of other attendees.

With nearly eight hours dedicated to the show floor, we decided to do just that and spend some time visiting each sponsor to see what they were doing to create some serious buzz. Since there were so many creative ideas we loved, we’re giving praise to some of the best! 

Coolest swag

1st place: DemandGen’s infuser tumblers with custom Mojito recipes. The team at DemandGen really know how to reach a marketer’s heart with this one!

Most unique prize

1st place: NetProspex’s red Bicycle. The bike was onsite at its booth so you can try before you buy!

Standout booth

1st place: Influtive’s nod to Officespace. Do we need to say more? Yeahhh…that would be great…

Best mascot

1st place: Vidyard’s green Robot. Because every conference needs a green robot walking around…

Funniest flair

1st place: SpiceWorks and its “Call Me Maybe” pins. Now I REALLY can’t get that song out of my head. Thanks, SpiceWorks.

Most intriguing demo

1st place: FullCircle CRM. EVERY marketer needs this product.  How did we ever survive without it?  It solves a major reporting gap, allowing marketers to easily generate reports that show conversions throughout the funnel, influence and more.

To sum it up, each sponsor at the SiriusDecisions Summit did a fantastic job looking cool amongst all the others. Yes it’s true, some stood out from the rest but hey, there’s always next year.

We’ll see you in Nashville, my nerdy marketing peeps!

Written by

Michelle Cogliano
May 27, 2014


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