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The Era of Account-Based Marketing at Scale

4 Steps to Scaling ABM with Predictive Analytics

2016 is indeed the year of ABM. And with good reason: Sixty percent of those doing ABM for at least a year attribute revenue increase. Forty three percent of those who’ve done ABM for at least 3 years saw impact across the entire funnel. Seventy percent found greater sales and marketing alignment.

The thing is, companies have been focusing on accounts for years. Unfortunately it’s only been done by sales or, if marketing’s been a part of it, then it’s focused primarily on a handful of accounts (think “top 50” or “top 100” accounts). There have been a few challenges preventing them from thinking bigger with their ABM efforts:

  • Identifying the right targets at scale, which has often relied on sales intuition, or superficial criteria like industry, revenue and employee size
  • Getting account data and intelligence at scale, from both external sources and those sources within your company
  • Segmenting your targets and developing personalized messages and offers that speak to the entire segment, rather than speaking to just one account
  • Being able to focus campaigns and tactics on those most likely to convert

Predictive analytics changes all that. While B2C had its “1:1 personalization movement,” B2B marketers have predictive analytics – a capability that enables them to targeting the right accounts, and all buyers within those accounts, using highly personalized messages at the right time via the right channel. What’s more, they’re able to do this across the entire funnel, driving existing customer revenue in addition to new customer revenue.

We’ve put together a white paper detailing what we’ve learned from our customers on this topic. The paper provides a simple 4-step framework to show you how you can use predictive analytics to do the following:

  1. Target your highest value accounts
  2. Tailor your messages and offers for maximum relevance
  3. Execute tactics in a very targeted way, in sync with sales efforts
  4. Measure the impact of your program

The power of applying ABM across a a larger # of accounts, greater # verticals or segments is clear – whether to reduce waste in marketing spend or increase sales/marketing alignment or increase bottomline revenue.

Download it now and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your stories on how you’re driving success with ABM.

If you happen to be at the #FlipMyFunnel conference in SF on February 25 make sure to come by the Lattice booth and say hi! 

Written by

Nipul Chokshi
February 24, 2016