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The Importance of Personalization in Account-Based Programs

The power – and the success – of ABM comes from creating personalized engagement. Marketers must think of the customer - why does the customer care, why would this be the email they want to open, why would they visit your website – when running an ABM program.

One of the most underrated components of a successful ABM program is personalization. A company can have all the analytics and data in the world at their fingertips, but if they reach out to clients in a generic manner, their emails will still go to spam and their engagement rates will stay stagnant.

Fluke Corporation understood the need to create more customized outreach for their top of funnel activities. They came up with an innovative way to better connect with their prospects and during Oracle MCX talked about the valuable impact personalization has made on their ABM program.

Fluke was struggling with the traditional B2B marketing model – their inside sales teams were not able to prioritize leads because they felt they never had good quality leads. Their existing behavior lead scoring model was not providing the right mix of implicit and explicit data to score contacts in the right manner, leading to the disconnect.

Katrina Leaf, Global Marketing Manager at Fluke, knew they needed a better way to scale up their sales development programs. She decided to implement a number of AI platforms in Fluke’s existing workflow to see if they could improve the number of qualified contacts they were generating from their target accounts. For this account-centric program she utilized:

  • Lattice: Fluke implemented Lattice to help sales and marketing identify contacts who were most likely to buy by scoring incoming hand-raisers in real-time. Lattice’s data enrichment tools helped optimize and complete contact records, which were then put into nurture campaigns to market appropriately to them.
  • Conversica: With Lattice’s real-time scoring, Fluke also enabled Conversica in their workflow. Megan – the Conversica bot – would engage in personalized digital conversations that would resonate with prospects. In the meantime, sales reps would focus on engaged, highly-interested contacts.
  • Eloqua: Oracle’s platform became the backbone where these other platforms interacted. Eloqua was also used as the way to send out nurture campaigns to continue engaging with companies that were not quite ready to raise their hand, but were a good fit according to Lattice’s models.

With this workflow in place for one week, Fluke achieved:

  • 48% engagement
  • 21 opportunities generated
  • 22% conversion rate (up from 16%)
  • 1 closed deal

Moving forward, Fluke will be using Lattice’s account insights to cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Lattice will provide scored contacts who are highly likely to purchase certain products. This information will be sent to Conversica, who will engage with that knowledge. With  this workflow, Fluke is setting the gold-standard for how to create personalization at scale for ABM programs.

To see the full presentation from Fluke, watch it here. Interested in seeing how Lattice could impact your sales and marketing teams? Schedule a demo here.

Written by

Caitlin Ridge
April 23, 2018