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The Keys to Being an Awesome Sponsor at #SDSummit

Well, there we have it. Another amazing SiriusDecisions Summit is in the books! It was the 10th year in fact, and wow has it changed over the past decade. Not only has the attendance grown, content gotten stronger and days became more robust, but sponsors now play a huge role in the success of the event and its delegates.

The 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit brought in 98 sponsors, up from just 65 the previous year. As a sponsor for many years now, it’s exciting to see this event that I love continue to grow and expand its vendor area and opportunities. SiriusDecisions has mastered the art of connecting the exact right audience with the perfect technology vendors to match their current needs. It’s why so many companies, from startups to Fortune 500, are making this event their number one choice for event marketing spend year-over-year.

As marketers, we become stimulated by walking the show floor and absorbing all of the newest technologies that will help us do our jobs better. The nerdy side of us also tends to be drawn toward the swag, contests, giveaways, t-shirts, unique booths and everything else that makes the vendors stand out from one another. That’s why I decided to sneak away from my booth for a few to see what everyone else was up to. Below is a recap of some of my favorite promotions this year:

Best Nashville Themed Giveaway:  Purple Cowboy Boots from Marketo. All you had to do was tweet a selfie for a chance to win. Who doesn’t love taking selfies nowadays?

Most Needed Giveaway:  Black hoodies from Brightcove. Is it me, or isn’t it always freezing in the conference areas? Thanks for keeping us warm, Brightcove.


Best New Demo: LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsNurturing outside of the inbox? We can’t wait to use display in tandem with our email nurture efforts to increase visibility with our most desirable prospects (could be you, awesome blog reader!).


Best Midday Sugar Rush: Candy dispenser from Relayware. While I’m turning the dial to get my blue candies out, you have time to scan me and give me your elevator pitch. Smart!

Best Mascot: Normally this would go to our friends at Vidyard for VBot (he’s still amazing too), but this year I fell in love with the Maven the corgi from TrackMaven. Isn’t he cute?!

Best Way to Keep Me at Your Booth: Add in a game of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots and I’m all yours, Qvidian. Yes, please tell me more about sales execution while I continue to punch my robot counterpart.

As you can see, we had way too much fun at this year’s #SDSummit and already brainstorming what Lattice can do for 2016. What was your favorite part of the sponsor area? We want to know!


Written by

Michelle Cogliano
May 19, 2015