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The Power of the Cloud: Uncover Hot Leads Hiding in Plain Sight with Predictive Scoring

Quick, look at your lead funnel activity and try to identify the companies that matter most to your business.


Seems like it should be an easy exercise, right?

I think most marketers would be able to define their sweet spot relatively easily using the traditional metrics and segmentation characteristics that have been used for decades now. “My best customers are in high tech, with greater than $10M in revenue and more than 100 employees” or something similar in description might be a common refrain. Slices of the prospect pie will undoubtedly show that the same companies are the same leads over and over and over again. While this might be a good way to cherry pick the best targets, it leaves far too many leads lying on the floor begging to receive the attention they need.

In a recent study across Lattice’s Predictive Lead Scoring app, actual leads were examined across numerous deployments to get an understanding of the overlap of leads. Nearly 1 million unique accounts were examined, and despite having customers that target some similar industries, a whopping 92 percent of the leads were unique to a single company. This begs the question…if companies are routinely asking for information about the same 8 percent of a certain prospect universe, will they be able to capitalize on the 92 percent of leads that are unique? Will they know enough about them?

The answer is that many marketers simply don’t have the data to recognize these types of leads as a potential MQL (marketing qualified lead) or even perhaps a SRL (sales-ready lead). Sure, you may have some knowledge about that lead’s online behaviors such as downloading a white paper or visiting a specific campaign page. But do you know if the company recently installed a marketing automation system? Is engaged in e-commerce? Even has a website in the first place? Do they have a social presence that’s actively being engaged? And which of these data items, or the thousands of other data points that could be available for a company, are statistically relevant for to identify this lead as a hot lead?

Lattice helps with this exact problem. We mash up the information that you may know about a company with the information that we can supply about a lead and then help identify if the combined data elements are relevant. The above image is a screenshot showing a sample of predictive attributes. We do it not only for the companies that you’ve heard about, but also for the thousands that you know don’t know anything about, that are hiding in plain sight.

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Written by

Steven Connolly
September 12, 2014