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Unlock Growth with AI and Data - Boston

As 2018 approaches, sales and marketing teams are no doubt considering what initiatives they might take on to capture escalating growth targets in the New Year. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first ever Revenue Acceleration Breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston on September 14, 2017. It will be a great opportunity for B2B sales and marketing leaders to network, learn and take away actionable plans for 2018 growth initiatives.

This event will feature a number of speakers from Adobe, Dell EMC, LiveRamp, Sirius Decisions and Thomson Reuters who will discuss how they've improved performance at the top-, middle-, and late-stage funnel.

Kerry Cunningham, Research Director at Sirius Decisions will kick off the event with a walkthrough of the new Sirius Demand Unit Waterfall framework. It is a great way to frame the revenue funnel and how leading B2B companies are implementing this framework for ABM and revenue growth initiatives.

We will then have two speakers discussing how they are optimizing net new customer acquisition.

  • Adobe: Scott Leslie, Enterprise Marketing Automation Manager will highlight how Adobe’s different business units including the Marketing Cloud, Echosign, and Creative Cloud create customized buyer experiences and contextualize outreach using predictive lead/account scoring, enrichments and campaigns. With two-thirds of Fortune 50 as customers and processing 100 trillion+ transactions yearly, Scott will show how to employ AI and data at scale to achieve business results.
  • LiveRamp: Ben Coffee, Head of Marketing Ops will show how AI and data increased creation of quality leads and drove greater pipeline creation as part of their highly successful Account-Based Marketing initiatives. AI and data are the heart of LiveRamp’s marketing programs and Ben will describe the inner working around how LiveRamp fuels growth with these key ingredients.

We will then round out the event with speakers discussing how they are optimizing cross-sell, up-sell and retention at their companies.

  • Dell EMC: Paul Danahy, Sr. Director Revenue Ops will share how his team navigated the largest tech merger in the industry with AI without missing a beat on growth targets. With 5,000+ sales reps, 50K+ products, and 500K+ customers, Paul will show the AI-driven sales plays they used to capitalize on the $1B of synergies that drove the Dell and EMC merger.
  • Thomson Reuters: Bijal Sheth, VP of Strategy and Retention will share how his team collaborated with Marketing and Sales to create a 360-degree view of customers so that they could identify opportunities for cross-sell/up-sell and proactively address churn.

The focus of the customer talks is how they have made Artificial Intelligence (AI) an embedded part of their marketing & selling efforts, using a combination of internal and external data. We will also be asking registrants about key questions they have on the topic so that we can further personalize the content for the attendees.

I’m really excited about how this event is shaping up and encourage you to save your spot if you’re going to be in Boston on September 14, 2017.

Written by

Nipul Chokshi
August 21, 2017